My Favourite Beauty & Skincare Products #3

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It’s been over a year since I updated my most repurchased (or favourite) beauty and skincare products. You can read the last updated favourites post here. Quite a few things have changed actually. Some due to a more ethical/conscientious approach to buying beauty and others a necessity due to age. (Which is mainly due to hormones btw, not some idea that I, God forbid, need to start looking my age (I’m 42 for reference)).

Let’s start with skincare. I’m not using Simple Cleansing Oil anymore despite this being an incredibly affordable and amazing cleanser. Simple are owned by Unilever who have some highly questionable ethical issues so I’ve been trying to purchase cleansing oil from smaller, independent brands like Aster and Bay (I’ve reviewed their cleansing oil here) and Neighbourhood Botanicals (I’ll be blogging about the products I’m using soon!). These natural and ethical facial cleansers are a bit pricey but they do last a while. Alternative ethical cleansers that are less pricey are The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and their Oils of Life Oil-in-Gel Cleanser, and a brand I am absolutely loving atm Belenos Therapy. Belenos Therapy do the most gorgeous natural skincare for amazing prices. I’m going to do a brand overview soon. I’ve already used lots and I’m planning on buying more. One of my current favourite products from Belenos is their Camellia Oil. This is such a wonderful product and only £7. I was concerned it’d be too thick an oil for my face and cause a breakout but it absolutely isn’t. Instead it leaves my skin glowing and soft. You should definitely try it!


the ordinary caffeine solution sitting on mirrored tray with bunny ear dried grass


I had put off buying The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG for ages. I previously hadn’t been too bothered with buying a separate product for my eye area but recently my dark circles have been getting worse and the creases deepening. That doesn’t necessarily bother me but I was having bother getting concealer to work for me so I thought I’d try a targeted eye treatment. The Ordinary Caffeine solution isn’t a perfect product but oh boy is it good! I was dubious about any topical treatment having any effect on my dark circles but it does seem to have eased them slightly but that could be coincidental. But what I know it definitely has had an effect on is my ‘crow’s feet’. They have become much smoother and less noticeable, and that was just after roughly 1 and a half/2 weeks. I also like the refreshing effects of The Ordinary Caffeine solution especially if left in the fridge. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution is only £5.80 (and I think they have some Black Friday deals on) so it’s worth a go, I’ve been super impressed with it!

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Another recent addition to my eye area is the amazing ELF Under Eye Primer. This is some kind of magic in a little pump bottle. I’ve been struggling with creases on my eye concealer, any eye concealer and that’s been previous ones that behaved themselves. The reasons for the unruliness is that my under eye creases are getting deeper and the skin is getting drier. What ELF Under Eye Primer does is make the eye area smooth and hydrated thanks to ingredients like vitamin c & e, shea, green tea, aloe, and Gingko Biloba. It has completely stopped creasing as well as adding a slightly brightening to the eye area. This is staying in my makeup bag forever. Oh and another product I think I’ll be keeping in my makeup bag is yet another purchase from Revolution Pro, their hydrating undereye primer. This feels soothing and hydrates dry eyes, plus creates a nice smooth base for concealer to go on. Both these products feel much more pricey than they are. If you get under eye creases no matter what you do it might be worth trying something like these under eye primers.

Just returning to The Ordinary before I move on to makeup. I buy quite a lot from The Ordinary, some of which you can see in this post about my evening skincare routine. I think it’s absolutely worth giving The Ordinary a try. Pretty much all of their skincare is affordable and I’ve seen results in nearly all of the products I’ve used.



I did mention MaxFactor blushes in my other blog post but never discussed the much. These gorgeous little blushes are apparently very good dupes for the Hourglass blushers/highlighters but I haven’t tried the Hourglass blushes so I can’t compare. Nevertheless these are really wonderful blushers. There are lots of reasons I love Max Factor Creme Puff Blushers. Firstly, they never ever look dry on your skin even though they are a powder blusher which is brilliant for older skins/drier skins. They blend beautifully and thanks to the multi-tonal effects they give a lovely dimension to the skin placing them somewhere between a blusher and highlighter. Once these blushers are on they last all day, giving you a healthy looking glow day long. Also they come in a nice selection of colours that should suit most skin tones. If you know an indie brand or amore ethical company that does a similar product for the price do let me know!

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max factor creme puff blushers sitting on notebook with gold tray in background


If you follow my blog you’ll most probably have seen me banging on about how good Primark Double Coverage Matte Foundation is. I’ve just recently picked up another 2 bottles of this amazing budget foundation because they finally released it in Porcelain. This will suit the very palest of you. Primark’s Double Coverage foundation has a more natural finish than my previous favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear, it lasts just as long and gives around the same level of coverage. Plus Primark’s foundation is cruelty-free (as is all their beauty and skincare). Unfortunately Primark don’t seem to have all colours in at once, they release them at different times which is a real pain. It is worth looking for though as it now comes in a very light shade right through to very dark. I love this foundation, have you tried it?

I’m not a big fan of using a brush for my foundation application. instead I much prefer a sponge. I love both the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques sponge. If I have the money spare I’ll buy the Beauty Blender as I do think it is slightly better than Real Techniques but more often than not I will buy Real Techniques sponge. I love the coverage this gives, it blends foundation evenly and gives a natural looking finish (depending on how you use it of course). I don’t know how we all survived before these little wonder sponges. Dark times.


close up shot of primark skinny brow pencil in brown


It’s taken me quite a while to find products I’m happy with for my eyebrows. I like my eyebrows to look natural and fuller, as opposed to sad little caterpillars that will never turn into beautiful butterflies. I don’t go for over-sculpting like you see on Instagram but I do like them to have a nice arched shape. My favourite kind of brow products are micro pencils. These allow you to draw tiny little flicks that look like hairs and look a bit more natural than some of the ‘bolder’ looks. Now I’m in my forties my brows are becoming sparser so micro pencils are perfect for filling in and making the brows look fuller. My favourite brow pencil atm is Primark’s amazing Skinny Brow Pencil. It’s only £2 but it’s really brilliant. It has good pigmentation, easy to apply and lasts all day. Brown is the perfect shade for me and it does come in several other shades. I’ve bought this several times already.

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A couple of other brow products I like using for fuller brows are Glossier Bow Boy (reviewed here) and West Barn Co Soap Brows (gifted). I’m still perfecting my technique with the soap brows but I love the fuller effect it gives with such a simple idea.


close up of nyx lip lingerie sitting on gold tray


My most purchased lip products are definitely from NYX. I should give an honourable shout out to Jordana Sweet Cream Liquid Lip in TiramisuI’ve bought this gorgeous everyday matte liquid lip several times now. Another liquid lip I’m in love with is NYX Lip Lingerie in ExoticThis is a burnt terracotta type shade that has a kind if mauve undertone. It’s long-wearing, pigmented and comfortable. I also buy *lots* of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. These are some of the best affordable liquid lipsticks you can get and they’re cruelty-free.

And sticking with lips… I used to love Carmex, I still think it’s good but oh Lanolips is gorgeous. Since I’ve started using Lanolips I’ve really cut down on how often I apply lip balm. I always apply Lanolips just before I go to sleep and that protects and hydrates my lips all night. Lanolips is the best lip balm I’ve found for dry lips and you only need a tiny bit so the tube lasts for ages. This is the perfect addition to your winter skincare routine to help prevent dry and chapped lips. I’m annoyed I didn’t try Lanolips earlier.

Okay, this is getting way out of control so I’ll do a separate post for hair care (I bet you can’t wait!). There might be a few products in it that you won’t recognise so make sure you read it!


What products to you buy over and over again?





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  1. November 27, 2018 / 6:08 am

    Oh I love these posts. First up, I’ve not tried the primark foundation …yet, but I really need to. I recently ran out of my Beauty Pie Skin tint, and while I thought it was great I really need to up the coverage next time. I just got the L’oreal Pro Glow off Amazon and I’m not sure if I like it yet.
    That bottle from The Ordinary is something I am going to be needing as dark circles and crow’s feet drive me mental sometimes. My under eye area really bothers me, I just want it to look fresh haha, and less tired. The primers you speak about might be a solution, I’ve never tried a primer under my eyes.
    The creme puff blushers used to be my absolute favourite, I still think they’re the best you can get on a budget, such amazing quality. If I remember right Nude Mauve was my go to shade.

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