The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil


As I’ve mentioned a few times on here I like a good time-saving cleanser (you can see my minimalist cleansing routine here- it’s quick, simple and effective). I much prefer oils or balms to remove makeup, they just do an excellent job at deep cleansing while still being kind to the skin. So The Body Shop’s new Camomile Silky Cleanser Oil seemed like a good choice for me. I’m seriously impressed with this already. The oil is silky smooth on the skin, a pump or two is all that’s needed to remove all my makeup so it should last for ages. I always find the act of massaging my face with oil relaxing and feels like a nice treat, lovely for the end of the day. I wear Estee Lauder Double Wear and this cleanser removes it easily without stripping my sensitive skin. The Body Shop recommends removing the oil by washing with water to emulsify but I always use a muslin/cotton face cloth to give that extra cleanse/ exfoliation. Once removed my skin feels soft, cleansed and comfortable with no oily residue.



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Camomile Silky Cleanser Oil has a soft, floral-like scent to it. It’s really gentle and barely noticeable so it shouldn’t bother those with an aversion to scented products. I’ve used a fair few cleansing oils and this is up there with the best. Please don’t be put off with oil cleansers if you have oily skin. Oil is the best way to cleanse skin. Cleansing oils don’t contain harsh detergents (if they’re good!) like other makeup removers can so won’t irritate the skin’s barrier. And cleansing oils can actually help rebalance your skin, which will in turn stop the overproduction of sebum (that’s what makes the skin oily). Cleansing oils are my absolute favourite way to cleanse the skin (Aster & Bay do a gorgeously decadent feeling one here and all organic ingredients too). Give it a try!

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