My Favourite Resources for Small Businesses (& Bloggers too!)

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There is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there telling you how to blog your way to your first £1 million or grow your Instagram to 1 trillion in 3 months (okay, slight exaggeration, but you get the idea). How do you know how to pick the right resources for your blog or small business? Many people who have made their way to the top pretty quickly have done so from a privileged starting point. They most probably have lots of money behind them allowing them to have the best photographers and travel to the nicest of locations. But what about the rest of us? My belief for a long career in blogging, your small business or service is slow and steady growth done organically and authentically. Radical eh? So I’ve put together some of my favourite online resources that will help you find your voice and grow.


I had the pleasure of attending the first workshop by the amazing Charlotte of Blog and Beyond (and Colours and Carousels). Charlotte is a blogging powerhouse and has years of experience and knowledge to share. The first workshop Charlotte hosted was all about branding. Now that might sound overly corporate or lacking the personal touch but actually it’s the opposite. Charlotte helps you find your niche and gets down to the core of why you want to do what you do. This is incredibly important as it will run through everything you produce and when you figure that out you’ve struck gold! What I loved about Charlotte’s workshop is just how clearly she explains everything and you felt able to ask anything. But if you can’t make to one of her workshops Charlotte also has lots of resources on Blog and Beyond and her Facebook group too! It’s your one stop shop for everything blogging. (Just a quick note: Charlotte didn’t ask me to write this, I just think she’s brilliant).

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There are a couple of people I rely on for everything Instagram and the first is the wonderful Sara from Me and Orla. I’ve taken a couple of classes with Sara and each one is packed full of knowledge and helpful information about Instagram and more. Sara really focuses on finding the right people, not just everyone. I have amazing engagement on Instagram and that’s largely to me following Sara’s wonderful advice. For me, success on Instagram is being part of an amazing community that supports you. And I have that. Sara will show you how to organically grow and cultivate community, as well as helping you find your own voice (and much more!). Her advice and specialist knowledge is a must for any small business/creative/blogger at any stage of Instagram. Sara also has a brilliant free course that will also give you everything you need to get started. Sara has a fascinating podcast packed full of useful knowledge, listen here! 


Local Milk is from the wonderful Beth. Her Instagram is a dream, full of travel and food inspiration. What I especially love about Beth (although there are lots to love about her) is how giving she is with her information. In fact, all of the women I’m writing about are incredibly giving. They don’t hold their knowledge tightly to their chests. Instead they realise that everyone can have a share of the space available on the Internet. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Beth has a podcast called Raw Milk and like Sara’s it is packed for of interesting people and useful knowledge that will help you figure out Instagram in an authentic and organic way.

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Jen Carrington is a creative business coach (whom I would love to coach with!) and all round business bad ass. Like the other women I’ve mentioned Jen helps you find a way of working that suits you. Jen writes blog posts, mini books and hosts two podcasts (one of them is with Sara from Me and Orla, which you must listen to here!). Jen shares SO much of her knowledge and experience to help you find your own space in the online world. An amazing business resource for creatives.


Kayte is my absolute favourite for marketing advice. Kayte describes her style as slow marketing which fits perfectly with my own belief if growing in a slow, organic way. This means you can really focus on growing an audience that actually cares about what you do and engages in a real way, not just for a comment or like back. There is absolutely no point in having a large audience that doesn’t engage with you. There will be no one reading what you say, buying the products you make or using the services you provide. Having a small but highly engaged audience is always preferable (unless you have a big engaged audience of course!). Kayte takes all the corporate ickiness out of marketing and replacing it with heart and soul. I took Kayte’s Campfire: Building a Brightly Burning Business Course (which I won a place on) and it was one of the most useful courses I’ve ever taken. Kayte packs so much into just 4 weeks. Kayte’s course really clarified where I wanted to go and how to do it. A brilliant course but if you’re unable to take it at the moment Kayte has lots of free resources and a great podcast too. 

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And a shout out to Amber from Forever Amber (and numerous other blogs). Amber is an incredible blogger with years of experience not just in blogging but also as a journalist. There’s a host of blogging tips on her blog here. Amber has also written a book covering everything to do with blogging. All Amber’s advice is underpinned by authenticity and transparency, which is a breath of fresh air given the current state of blogging.


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Have I missed any out that you think I need to include in my list?



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  1. October 12, 2018 / 11:14 am

    Great piece here, Trona. I’m aware of most of these bloggers. I discovered Amber many years ago and have recently been following Sara and Jen, both separately and a team. Lots of useful tips and encouragement.

    I’ve been blogging since January and am slowly building up. But ten years ago when I was working in Japan I had another blog. If only I’d known what I do now it could’ve been much more successful and widely-read.

    Check out Eb Gargano at Productive Blogging, link at the foot of this message. I’m finding her blog very useful. She also does a cookery one which is beautifully designed.

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