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how to use Pinterest to boost traffic for blog and creative business free guide


I’ve been using Pinterest for my blog for a while now. Every time I mention it people always say that they find Pinterest confusing or overwhelming. If you’re casual pinning it’s straight forward, pinning is one of my absolute favourite ways to decide on a new haircut. But how to use Pinterest for your business (whether that’s blogging, creative or professional) is a slightly different matter. You absolutely should be using Pinterest though. If you’re not using Pinterest for your business, you’re missing out on a major part of marketing.

People on Pinterest are ready to act on their searches. That could mean finding a new audience for your blog, finding a new photography client or making a sale on your Etsy, for example. Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool that can be used all sorts of ways to improve your traffic, expand your brand and drive business your way. We’re all busy though so taking time to learn all the different ways to improve Pinterest SEO can be difficult (and it changes all the time!). I’ve put what I’ve learned through trial and error (and success!) in my free Pinflame: Set Your Pinterest Alight! guide which covers everything to get Pinterest working for your brand. (You can see from this old Pinterest Guide how my stats have improved.)



how to drive traffic to your blog/business using pinterest




free comprehensive get started and grow on pintrest guide, including pinterest seo and keywords, pinterest visibility and more


What you will get in my super comprehensive get started on Pinterest guide:


Why Pinterest isn’t just another social media platform and how you can harness it for your business (that includes creative businesses, blogging and professionals).

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Setting up a business account.

How to use Pinterest to broaden your brand.

How to use Pinterest SEO and keywords to get found and drive traffic to your site.

Making those first impressions count.

Using hashtags on Pinterest.

What the different feeds/tabs are.

Are followers important on Pinterest?

and more!


If you like the sound of this just sign up for free below and I’ll get my free Pinterest guide Pinflame: Set Your Pinterest Alight! right on over to you!



how to grow your blog/business using Pinterest to drive traffic and also as a marketing tool


I really hope it is helpful. If you have any queries or if this doesn’t work right (this is my first time doing this!) please do let me know! ❤️



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