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selection of ethical, small batch face masks from the dirt creative, aster and bay, herbivore botanicals


Natural, toxic free skincare has had a bit of an overhaul recently. This is largely thanks to companies like Herbivore Botanicals gorgeous Instagrammable packaging and the move towards small batch, traceable ingredients. I’ve previously blogged about Herbivore Botanicals here and other small batch beauty companies here.

Natural skincare companies are much easier to come by now. People have become much more savvy about what’s in their skincare now. I also like the DIY elements of many of the small batch skincare, especially face masks. Lots come in powder form and dried ingredients so you can add different ingredients depending on what you want your face mask to do. Also, the face masks last for ages so you really do get bang for your buck with them.


close up of the dirt creative pink clay and dried rose petals face ma


I’ve been using three natural, small batch face masks for several months now and I love them. There is something very nice about using small batch skincare. It’s often more thoughtfully packaged (because the people making it actually care about their products), the ingredients are minimal yet active and most importantly they make me feel like a flower princess, which I think you’ll agree is the best reason of them all.


flatlay photo of aster and bay dandelion face grains with grass decoration


Take for example the Dandelion Face Grains from Aster & Bay. Dandelion face grains? If you don’t feel like a nymph uses these well, I’m sorry, there’s just no hope for you. Dandelion Face grains can be used several different ways; as an exfoliator (when added to oil or water depending on how strong you want it to be- Aster & Bay also have lots of different ideas on their site) or as a face mask (when added to yoghurt for example.) I love this as an exfoliator and as a face mask. Dandelion face grains is full of anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients so if I’m having a hormonal flare up (thanks perimenopause) I use this. My skin is instantly calmed and brightened. I’m going to try out a few of Aster & Bay’s other products, has anyone tried their cleansing oil?

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the dirt creative rose and pink clay face mask, flatlay with dried grass and wooden mirror


I discovered The Dirt Creative on Instagram and was immediately drawn to the beautiful products. Everything is so beautiful. I opted for a face mask but I honestly could have bought it all. The face mask I have only has two ingredients; dried rose petals and natural pink clay, and it is gorgeous. You use it similar to Dandelion grains in that you can mix it with different bases depending on the kind of treatment you require. For example you could mix it with water and honey, or coconut oil. The rose face mask is a wonderfully clarifying and brightening mask. All of The Dirt Creative’s products are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Make them a beautiful addition to your skincare or wellness routine.


flatlay of herbivore botanicals pink clay mask with dried grass and wooden mirror


And finally is the gorgeous and highly effective Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Exfoliating Floral Mask (I’ve previously blogged about Herbivore Botanicals here if you fancy a read). This mask is one of the best brightening masks I’ve ever tried. My skin feels soft, smooth and just really refreshed. The hype for Herbivore Botanicals is real.


I hope you liked this.  I have a couple of posts to do then I will be focusing on slow beauty and lifestyle completely. For many different reasons I’m going to be taking a more considered approach to beauty purchases (and also fashion). Interestingly, using Pinterest has made me a more thoughtful consumer. For the first time in my life I actually have some kind of capsule wardrobe. I’m not buying things on a whim, rather I’m thinking about whether I actually need it and will it go with everything else I have. I’m going to use my blog to showcase the amazing ethical indie beauty brands.

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    I love the idea of customizing my own face mask.. and that packaging is so gorgeous!

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