Beautiful Ethical & Organic Skincare from France

BioSphere Naturel is ethical, organic skincare from France fusing traditional French skincare with luxurious, high end skin care

Hello! How are you? I actually feel a little bit rusty posting on here. I’ve been ill pretty much all of July plus all this good weather is making it hard to keep to any kind of schedule. But I have plans! Many, many plans that I’ll get round to after I get some sleep (ahahahaa).

At the beginning of July I started feeling like I was coming down with a really bad cold, it almost felt like the flu (which if you’ve ever had the flu you’ll know is NOTHING like having a cold). I actually had mild pneumonia. Having a fever during a heatwave is definitely not recommended. The upside of that is discovering the peanut ice cream lollies from Lidl. If you haven’t tried these, I suggest you do.

If you have (or previously had) any mental health problems you may have found that dealing with a short illness like a chest infection, flu, or anything that lays you up for a while makes your mental health symptoms worse. I always struggled, especially during the fragile steps to recovering from agoraphobia. It always felt like a set back. But this time I didn’t have any issues so I will be writing up a post all about how I coped, which will hopefully be up soon!


bio sphere naturel organic, ethical skin care from France. Ethical and organic night cream perfect for sensitive skin or older skin types

One of the things I did, and still maintain as part of my self-care, was looking after my skin. This isn’t to be scoffed at. Some people just won’t get the importance of taking 10 minutes out for yourself. But, if you have depression you’ll know just how significant something as small as washing your face for cleanliness can be. Not only that though, but then going onto using treatments and moisturises for care. A small act of caring for yourself, That isn’t frivolous, that is important. (You can read about my minimalist cleansing routine here).

I was sent some products from an ethical, family company based in the Occitanie region of France called BioSphere Naturel*. Their motto is the rather wonderful Être bien dans sa peau” – “Be good in your skin”. I love BioSphere Naturel’s back story and ethos, you can read a fuller account here but essentially the co-founder, Dana, had a major health scare which forced her to overhaul her lifestyle. Dana wanted to combine high-end skincare with natural, organic ingredients to create a luxurious range of products that are good for your skin and wellbeing. Fortuitous timing don’t you think?

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I have been using three products from BioSphere Naturel range for several weeks now; Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge – Organic Anti Ageing Cream*, Lumière Crème Jour*, and Délice Lait Corps*. I’ll begin with BioSphere Naturel Lumière Crème Jour. But first; a petit confession, I don’t usually wear a day moisturiser. Shocking, I know. I’ve discovered through trial and error over many many years that it’s something I can go without. My morning skincare routine is, unsurprisingly, minimal. I’m planning to write about my current skincare routine soon but at the moment I am using the new (and wonderful) The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% * and my  favourite sunscreen from Nivea (I think they do the best facial sunscreen and it’s at a very reasonable price too). But while I was indoors for just under 2 weeks I tried out Lumière Crème Jour*. I am very impressed with this luxurious, lightweight day cream. When I first tried it I thought it’d be too rich for throughout the day but it completely sinks in and actually mattifies. So if you have an oily t-zone that you find difficult to control I think Lumière Crème Jour would be perfect for you. This mattifying effect is thanks to the ingredient organic rice powder, which will help control excess oil, refine pores and over time even out skin tone. While Lumière Crème Jour mattifies, making it a perfect base for makeup, it also deeply hydrates which is surely some kind of magic. The moisturisers smells gorgeous too, it is fragranced with natural lotus blossom. I really like this and I think it would suit all skin types, especially more sensitive types (and rosacea sufferers too).

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one of the best day creams for mattifying and controlling oil production from biosphere naturel, gives a great smooth base for makeup application.

I think Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge – Organic Anti Ageing Cream* is probably my favourite product of the three and it’s definitely one of the nicest night creams I’ve tried. This has been a staple in my evening skincare routine for several weeks now (I am planning on blogging about my current skincare routine soon- I am so pleased with how my skin is currently looking). Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge – Organic Anti Ageing Cream is delicately scented with a natural rose fragrance and again it smells divine. I love the experience of this night cream; it smells gorgeous and the texture is amazing. Thick but sinks in nicely, not as much as the day cream, so it feels like it is protecting your skin overnight. My skin actually looked instantly brighter using this, so my skin definitely loves the ingredients in there. Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge contains organic rose water, organic argan oil, organic shea butter, organic neroli extract, plankton extract, organic rosemary extract, and organic raspberry extract. I don’t know about you but I think that is a pretty amazing line up of skin loving ingredients. I know some people can be wary of shea butter but I have no problems with it at all in this moisturiser, no break outs or blocked pores. Instead, I’ve got very smooth, refine, bright skin. If you’re looking for an ethical skincare range, especially if you have sensitive skin, although this will do all skin types, I really recommend giving Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge a go. This is definitely one of my favourite night creams and I am so glad I’ve discovered it.

Biosphere Naturel, organic ethical skincare from France

If you read this post from me you’ll see that I am not especially fussy when it comes to my body moisturiser. Although I probably should be. I have very sensitive, dry skin on my arms that can become inflamed and painful with heat. And I often have very dry skin on my legs due to poor circulation thanks to my fused spine. So you’d think I’d be a bit more thoughtful! I always prioritise my facial skincare though, with my body as an afterthought. But that has to change. Caring for the skin on my body is just as important. One of the reasons I haven’t been brilliant with body skincare is that I don’t enjoy the greasy feel that many body moisturisers have, or they’re never hydrating enough. I’m pleased to say that BioSphere Naturel Délice Lait Corps* has changed my mind. This is a light but deeply hydrating body moisturiser that sinks in nicely and doesn’t leave any unpleasant tackiness. Again, this smells absolutely gorgeous and is a big reason as to why I like it so much. It is lightly fragranced with natural raspberry scent, and also contains organic aloe vera, organic cocoa butter, organic sweet almond oil, organic sesame oil, sunflower oil and organic raspberry extract. It feels light and silky, and sinks in quickly leaving my skin smooth and hydrated. The redness on my arms have already reduced, as well as the tightness I often feel due to dryness. I am super happy with the results of Délice Lait Corps and I’d most definitely buy again.

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All BioSphere Naturel products are organic, cruelty-free and free from parabens, paraffins, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances making them perfect for all skin types especially acne prone and sensitive. There is also no animal derivatives or by-products. For more information about the ingredients and what they don’t use please see here.


I am loving the turn to small batch, ethical skincare, do you like it too?




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    That Anti Ageing cream sounds like something I would like. And can I just say, these photos are goals. Beautiful.

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