Aldi’s Gorgeous Diptyque Candle Dupe

aldi's new scented candles are dupes for the luxury brand Diptyque, they look and smell amazing, highly recommended


I love a good bargain. One of my current favourite makeup brands is Makeup Revolution (I have a post coming up on their Pro sister brand soon). Makeup Revolution are releasing some amazing products atm and they’re also cruelty-free. Similarly, Aldi is another place to look for your dupes. I loved their Lacura Cuvee Royal Range and I’m also trying out some of their hair products which I am really liking so far. If you’re interested in a review of their hair care range do let me know!

I’ve only recently started using candles a bit more often. Lighting a warm, flickering flame on a miserable winter evening adds an instant touch of cosiness. Or placing a candle at the side of a bath signals that it’s time to relax and unwind. I like the idea that a candle burning is loose way of measuring the passage of time. This productivity ‘hack’ from Sara at Me and Orla is a lovely way to make your working environment (even if that’s at home) a nicer place and a way of easing up on yourself so you don’t overwork. Something that’s especially important if you have chronic illness or disability.

So when I saw this week’s Special Buy from Aldi I was very interested. You might recognise it. The candles bear a remarkable resemblance to the luxury French brand Diptyque. Aldi has had previous success with their Jo Malone dupes *whispers* I don’t really like Jo Malone scents, heresy I know. But I am much more interested in their current candle and diffuser ‘dupes’. I love the range of scents from Diptyque and of course the minimalist branding is beautiful. I think Aldi have similarly did a good job on the packaging. For a candle that only costs £3.99 it feels much more indulgent.

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Now I haven’t personally used a Diptyque candle but Lynnsay from A Sartorial Scot tells me they smell almost the same. I picked up the Fig scented candle in store and have the mixed scent votive set coming (you can order some products online now). Like the Diptyque Classic Candle Set Aldi’s version comes in the scents fig, rose and berries. I so wish I had bought the full size today as well, they smell AMAZING. One of the reasons I wasn’t a big fan of candles before is because the smell just hurts my head but I am so pleased that the Aldi Diptyque dupes are really nice quality. I’ve been burning my fig candle almost all day, it’s such a gentle refreshing scent. The candle itself burns down nice and evenly giving a constant (but not overpowering) scent in the room. It’s a gorgeous candle and I’d happily pay more than the £3.99 it currently costs (Diptyque in contrast costs almost £50!@!@- which I will not pay).

I think Aldi have made some really beautiful yet budget candles. The scent is gentle and thankfully not heady. The packaging means they look good next to your bed or on a mantlepiece (or you know wherever you want to put it). I will be buying more and also picking up the diffusers too. My house is going to be smelling gorgeous for months to come.


pinnable iage of aldi dupe for Diptyque


Did you pick up any of the Aldi Diptyque dupes?


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