IT Cosmetics CC Full Coverage Cream: Good or Bad?

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This is one of those products that I bought because the Internet made me do it. All I ever saw was (oh look a palindrome!) good reviews for IT Your Skin But Better CC Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream.

I put off purchasing it for ages because it’s not the cheapest base product at £30. Plus it was always sold out in QVC. You can now buy IT CC Cream from a variety of retailers (such as Boots). IT CC Cream boasts several things I like in skincare/foundation: full coverage, high SPF, colour correcting and contains lots of skin-loving vitamins, peptides and collagen. I do like a hybrid product. Anything that cuts my application down to the minimum is a-ok with me. So, I was excited. Could this be my perfect base product? My Holy Grail?


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Erm, no. It’s not. It’s not that IT CC Cream is a bad product, it’s just not amazing. I’ll start with the things I do like about it. The high SPF full spectrum is amazing and we should all be wearing something like this to protect our skin. I do kind of like how this looks on the skin, for about an hour or so anyway. It’s very hydrating so oily skin types might not like this (there are new finishes released here). Even if IT CC cream did wear better on me I still wouldn’t be able to wear it. I’m very pale with pinky undertones and this cc cream is just far too yellow and dark, even for the very lightest shade. I have worn BBs/CCs that have this yellow leaning undertone and they have adapted to my skin tone but this doesn’t and it’s quite noticeable. Talking of yellow leaning bases, I recently purchased EX-1 Foundation and that has yellow undertones yet it magically transforms on your skin. It’s amazing, one of my favourite foundation and I’ll write about it soon.

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Another thing I do like about IT CC Full Coverage Cream is that it is super easy to apply. The thick creamy texture glides on easily. So if you are looking for something to pop on to protect your skin when walking the dog, running or the school run this might be ideal. Despite the ease of application I did find that the CC cream sinks into fine lines, and quite noticeably so. The formulation never really dries down or sets so this means it moves about throughout the day. I wouldn’t describe the finish as full coverage either: it’s light medium at best. I sometimes get redness on my cheeks and it failed to cover that. It’s not really a buidable base either. There’s also a distinctly lemon scent to this base which I think is natural. I actually quite like it but beware if you’re not keen of fragranced products.


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There are *lots* of ingredients in IT CC Cream and either one of them or a mix are breaking me out. I’m not entirely sure which one it is but it might be the citrus oils that give this product its smell. Apparently they can be irritating to the skin so this might be something to avoid if you know you’ll react too. Overall this is a pretty disappointing product for me. IT CC Full Coverage Cream does seem to work for other people and maybe some of the other finishes are more suitable for you.



Have you tried IT CC Cream? Did you have a better experience?

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