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Lily Lolo is one of the best British mineral makeup brands, and just one of the best makeup brands in general! Their ethically-sourced, synthetic-free, fragrance-free (woo!), dye-free, vegan-friendly (90% is vegan free, including their foundation) has reached cult-status. 



Lily Lolo was one of the first mineral makeup brands. I tried them around 10 or so years ago and have used their products on and off since then.

I recently returned to Lily Lolo because I am in the process of creating a minimal makeup collection that includes the best performing products as well as the most ethical and sustainable. That post is currently in the making but I have some excellent ethical, organic skincare product recommendations in this post.


Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Review (Plus How to Apply)


One of the great things about Lily Lolo is that you can buy samples. Please makeup brands do more samples! And samples that give us enough product to truly test it, thanks.

I purchased two of the lightest shades of the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF15. Porcelain and China Doll. Both shades have neutral undertones (don’t pull too cool/pink nor too warm/yellow). I’m super pale and unusually the lightest shade, Porcelain, is actually too light for me while China Doll is perfect.

Lily Lolo powder foundation is incredibly fine milled which makes the finish flawless. The coverage is easily customisable and I think it looks best when the skin is prepared with a smoothing primer. Or moisturised skin to minimise the powder catching on any dry patches. The powder is so finely milled though it really doesn’t highlight pores or dry patches.

I bought Lily Lilo’s mini kabuki brush to apply their mineral foundation and I’m so glad I did! This is a brilliant little makeup brush. It’s the perfect size for a more precise application and also for getting into the creases of the nose.



photo of Lili Lolo baby kabuki makeup brush



The brush is soft with just enough tension to make powder application easy and even. For a light to medium coverage I use the kabuki brush to swirl in the powder then sweep on my skin.

For a fuller coverage it’s best to use a sponge. Lily Lolo have a sponge available to buy called Flocked Sponge.

This latex-free sponge allows for a more full coverage finish. I haven’t tried Lily Lolo’s sponge but I have used similar sponges to apply mineral powder and setting powder and they always give the most flawless finish.

So if you do want to be able to build you coverage up to a more opaque finish I’d definitely recommend using a sponge rather than a kabuki brush. I think it’s always good to have a sponge and a brush for a more perfected finish anyway. There’s a full-size kabuki brush too.


Lily Lolo Finishing Powder Review


I also ordered a couple of samples of Lily Lolo Finishing Powder in Flawless Silk and Translucent Silk. Both of these finishing powders are aimed at normal to dry skin types. There’s also Flawless Matte Setting Powder aimed at oilier skin types- it has oil absorption properties. 

I LOVE both of the setting powders I ordered. They are easily the softest and silkiest setting powders I’ve tried! And I’ve tried a lot from ELF, GOSH to Hourglass, Laura Mercier and Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder (affiliate link), which is one of the absolute best pressed powders there is but it’s very expensive! 


photo of lily lolo flawless silk finishing mineral powder



Lily Lilo Flawless Silk is an illuminating setting powder with a touch of colour. A peachy glow that makes for a really nice highlighter. While Translucent Silk is a white powder that gives the most gorgeous silk finish to the skin. I loved the translucent one so much I’ve ordered a full-size.

I think older skin types will especially love these setting powders. Being so finely milled means they don’t settle into fine lines or enhance pores. They both do a great job at blurring and perfecting the skin while keeping makeup in place all day.



Lily Lolo Naked Pink Cheek Duo Review (Blusher)


A more recent purchase is Lily Lolo Naked Pink Cheek Duo blusher. This is a beautiful natural mineral blusher. I do like that the blushes are pressed rather than loose because I do generally make a terrible mess with loose powders!

The matte pink blush is the perfect mid-tone pink for fair skins. It looks fresh and natural on the skin. You can give a little flush of colour or a more intense colour by adding a few more layers but it never looks powdery.

The other shade is more of a pink shimmer that gives the most beautiful glow to the skin and feels more like a highlighter than a blush.

Both shades from Naked Pink Cheek Duo blend easily, look natural (but buidable) and last all day on my combination skin (more normal on my cheeks).


Lily Lolo BB Cream Review


I also ordered a sample of Lily Lolo BB Cream in Fair. The BB sample comes in a small sachet but there’s enough product in it for a few days. Lately I’ve been enjoying lighter bases like this amazing BB cream from Skin79.

Skin79 is definitely a higher coverage than Lily Lolo’s BB cream. Lily Lolo’s BB has a light coverage that helps to even out the complexion and to give a healthy looking finish.

Lily Lolo BB cream is packed full of brilliant ingredients to help tone, hydrate and nourish the skin. It also has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

I’m a fan and when I finish the Skin79 BB cream I’ll definitely be purchasing Lily Lolo BB cream. It’s a super easy lightweight, light-coverage cream that looks good all day and is good for your skin too.


swatch of lily lolo bb cream in fair


Is Mica Ethical?


Mica is a beautiful natural mineral and used extensively in makeup. It gives a gorgeous glow and shimmer when applied on the skin, so you can see why it’s popular.

The problem with mica is that to mine it wide-spread child labour is used. Brands like Lily Lolo have certificates that state that their mica is ethically sourced and the mines adhere to government regulations.

There’s still a problem though that the supply chain gets very muddied and it can become difficult to separate legal mica mining with illegal. This Vogue article explains some of the intricacies of mica mining.

If you are still wary of buying from brands that have certifications of proof Lush offers a really brilliant setting powder made from synthetic mica called Emotional Brilliance. Lush also have this informative article on mica explaining why they moved from ethically sourced natural mica to synthetic mica. 

Once I’ve used up my Lily Lolo powder I’ll be buying Lush’s Emotional Brilliance. Not only is it ethically sound it’s a really good finishing powder!


Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Round-up


Lily Lolo mineral foundation is one of my favourite powder foundations. I much prefer it to Bare Minerals (although I do love Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, it’s a lovely powder). The powder from Lily Lolo is so silky soft and blends on the skin easily. Plus it just lasts all day.

If you’re looking for a new mineral makeup brand to try I recommend giving Lily Lilo a go. All the products reviewed in this post are suitable for vegans. I think there are a few products like their eye shadows and some lipsticks that aren’t vegan friendly due to the use of carmine.

Everything I’ve tried so far has been brilliant. So if you are looking for an ethical makeup brand whose products are kinder to your skin give Lily Lolo a go!



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