A Pair of Shoes, Earrings, and a Bit of a Ramble.

Office babouche flat shoes in black

I’ve wanted a pair of these babouche shoes for ages now but just never got round to buying them. When I saw this pair in the Office sale I pounced! (well, I purchased them online and waited until they were delivered- same thing, kind of). These shoes from Office might be the comfiest thing I have ever wore on my feet, actually these other shoes I bought from Office last year are also pretty damn comfy too. I’d just like to put the record straight- I do not wear the babouche shoes with the back down, that’s just a step too far (arf a pun).

I’ve definitely had a thing for shoes lately, I bought these ones from ASOS the other month but I won’t be buying anymore. Next year I am going to cut back on spending, instead either buying second hand(vintage darling) or buying from ethical brands such as these trainers from Veja. I also like the idea of having a ‘capsule wardrobe’, it just makes life a little bit easier.

hand earrings

I’ve been collecting outfit ideas on Pinterest; not only has it helped me organise clothes I want to keep or add to my wardrobe, Pinterest has also helped my reconnect with my own style. Now, after almost 4 years after giving birth, I feel things have settled down somewhat and I have a bit of breathing space to be myself. Pinterest has been an unlikely catalyst in finding “me” again. So, if for whatever reason, you feel a bit lost when it comes to your own style it’s good to have a look through images and dwindle it down until you get what most feels like you. Pinterest has been an amazing tool for defining my style, it might just help you too.

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I also bought these amazing hand earrings from ASOS after seeing them on Katie Jane Hughes’ Instagram stories. I’d like these face ones from ASOS too (Hai Santa!). I have a Pinterest board dedicated to accessories/shoes/jewellery if you fancy a look, I swear I’ll stop posting my Pinterest links soon.


hand earrings


I wasn’t going to post the above picture. Not because of the poor quality, although it is pretty poor quality! But rather you can see the effects of arthritis on some of my fingers. My fingers are swollen and are starting to bend out of shape. Blogging is supposed to be representative of everyone. Fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogging gave voices to those that didn’t look like the models in magazines but it’s getting difficult to draw a distinction. So, here I am; in my 40s with wonky fingers and my below par photo. But I feel good in my new shoes and earrings, and that’s what matters. Oh and Chanel, I am available for bookings.



Have you bought anything recently that makes you feel fly AF?




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  1. December 13, 2017 / 12:02 pm

    Your fingers look fine to me, I honestly wouldn’t have noticed anything at all if you hadn’t pointed it out. Yes I’m with you on how blogging used to be an alternative to the mainstream, and now it is the mainstream. But the diversity is still there, albeit you have to look away from the biggest bloggers to find it.

    As for my fave most recent purchase, it has to be this http://www.asos.com/bershka/bershka-croc-print-cross-body-bag/prd/8810877

    • trona
      December 13, 2017 / 3:07 pm

      yeah completely agree about blogging, I just wish there’s of a break-through instead of tokenism here and there.

      Oh I keep seeing that brand on ASOS, they have some lovely thing, love the bag!

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