testimonials for Trona Aye Lined blogger and photographer


“Blogger outreach sometimes feels really impersonal, especially for us a independent start-up company, with little experience in UK market. Working with Trona however was a really enjoyable process. It’s not just that our review was published on a beautifully designed blog with unique aesthetic. It was Trona’s in depth understanding of branding and UK skin care market that we really appreciate.

Trona’s text reads as a genuine review. She pointed out several aspects about our brand that we sometimes forget and some benefits we would never think of ourselves. This is an added bonus for our brand. Trona gave us an idea about a message we can use to market our product in the future.

The best thing about Trona’s writing style is her wittiness. Readers can’t engage with a piece of work without an element of humor to it. In Hemptouch’s review, Trona did it in a tone and manner that perfectly encapsulated our brand’s ethos.”

by Katarina Simonic, Co-founder Hemptouch.


Trona blogger at Aye Lined testimonials


“Trona is a very special presence in the blogosphere. Where many others seem just to critique and review, Trona is a creative force of nature in her own right.

Readers trust her because she allows them into her own world. Sharing the joys and heartache of family life, health issues and life as a busy mum, Trona inspires others by revealing both how vulnerable and yet how invincible she is.

Everyone has dark days and happy days. Trona shows how the little things in life, whether just the right shade of lipstick or the perfect moisturiser or a brain-nourishing book can help lighten the load and bring unexpected pleasures.

Unfailingly honest and direct, Trona does not ever feel the need to embellish her views on any given product or service. She tells it how it is, and readers appreciate her integrity and authenticity. There’s no messing with Trona.”

By Kerensa Jennings, bestselling author of Seas Of Snow.