HOTTER Boots For Winter Days

Hotter wander boots, minimalist style winter boots review

Choosing winter boots is one of my favourite things to do. So when Hotter Shoes invited me along to the newly located Hotter in Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow I was more than happy to. I previously blogged about the old Hotter store in Glasgow here. The staff are so friendly and helpful so I was looking forward to having a look at Hotter’s bigger and more central Glasgow store.

Hotter, Glasgow Buchanan Galleries

Hotter generally have a more mature customer and I think that’s largely in part to how attentive the staff are. The staff remind me of the kind of service you received in shops years ago. This is a strong pull for the older generation and rightly so. With so many shops losing out to online shopping people need a reason to actually visit a shop now. Good service is definitely one of them (I could write a whole essay about this so I’ll stop now but seriously Debenhams etc, don’t cut staff, train them up!). Good customer service is something you’ll actually get in Hotter. I was in the Glasgow store for quite a while and watched how the staff treated their customers. I was very impressed, I get why Hotter have such a loyal customer base. But don’t worry, if you want to be left alone you won’t be hassled!

I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop while choosing my winter boots. Hotter really do have an excellent selection, a good mix of trend led footwear and classic styles that you can wear year after year. And you will wear Hotter footwear year after year, these boots were made for walking¬†lasting and that just what they’ll do. Unlike some of their competition Hotter shoes are actually made in Britain and are made with strong, durable materials.¬†

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I had a good look through Hotter website before I went to the physical shop to get an idea for their styles. I initially thought about getting  these Gore-tex boots (which are now on sale!) but finally settled on the black minimal style of Hotter Wander Boots. Both these boots and basically all Hotter boots look really sturdy (which they are!) but the sturdiness implies (to me anyway) that they’re also quite heavy. They’re really not. They are super light which was quite surprising. Along with the lightness Hotter boots are also really flexible, which for me is amazing. I have arthritis in my left foot and other problems with my right which I won’t bother you with. These problems often make it tricky for me to find shoes that are both comfortable and stylish (I blogged about my woes here too). 

It really feels like Hotter has actually considered more than just how the footwear looks, comfort is a top priority. Hotter do an extensive range of fits, including half sizes and different width which I really appreciate. Pregnancy changed my feet so half sizes in variable width is a small blessing.

Hotter might not be the first place you think to buy your new footwear but they are really worth a look and if you can do pop in. The shop in Glasgow Buchanan galleries is bright and comfortable, and the staff are always friendly and helpful. In the age of online shopping actually visiting a shop that has good customer service is a breath of fresh air. Plus all Hotter shoes are designed and made in the UK. Oh and if you’re looking for some footwear inspiration have a wee look at my Pinterest board, I have some amazing shoes and boots pinned on there.

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I am so happy with my choice of winter footwear from Hotter. The minimalist style means I can wear them year after year and the Wander Boots also give a nod to current winter 2018 boot trends. The lightness and flexibility of my boots make for incredibly comfortable wear, and they’re also warm enough to protect my poor feet from cold and wet weather.¬†

Visit Hotter’s online shop here. You can also find a list of physical stores to visit on their site.

(I was offered a pair of shoes in exchange for this review. All thoughts my own)


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