ADEXE Watch: Time for Christmas (with discount code!)

androgynous styling of adexe meek watch, with hand in trousers pocket and beige jumper, brown scarf and beige winter coat


I’ve already spoke about my love for watches as a keepsake in this ADEXE watch review here. I still haven’t changed my mind. The thought of passing a watch down through the generations is a romantic idea that really appeals to me.

Do you like watching the Antiques Roadshow? (hey! It’s interesting and relevant, well kind of) One of the things I love about that show or other antique shows is when they paint a picture in your mind of the type of person who wore a piece of jewellery, say a beautiful gem stone necklace, or a broach or a pocket watch with an inscription only the wearer new what it meant. If they have similar shows in around 100 years’ time our beloved pieces of jewellery and watches might make some kind of appearance. The expert would make a case for the status of the imaginary wearer, she’d talk about the prevailing styles of the time and what a watch as a gift might mean. I wonder what they would say, and how right they’d be.


adexe meek watch lying in gold tray with bunny tail grass and books


Yeah, I have an overly romantic notion of watches (plus I love history, my MA was in history of art- this is an interesting history of watches if you’re interested btw). But in this digital age where everyone has the time on their phone; watch wearing feels like a nod to the past, a modern kind of nostalgia. I still love wearing a watch because it means I don’t need to always carry my phone and a watch has a nice way of completing an outfit. The current watch I’m wearing from ADEXE is the Meek Grande in Brown and Gold*. ADEXE describe this watch as “a timeless vintage and understated timepiece.” Which I think sums it up perfectly. I imagine a woman from the 1930s who likes to wear men’s clothes wearing this watch, a Greta Garbo type of woman. ADEXE Meek is a classic and minimalist watch style which fits perfectly with my androgynous fashion sense. The watch face is oversized with gold numerals marking the hours and seconds. There’s also a small window displaying the date. I have the plain brown strap but there are others available (plus rather handily you can also get a contactless strap if you have bPay from Barclaycard). This would make a great Christmas present for someone who loves watches and tech.

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adexe meek grande in gold and brown resting on jewellery tray with bunny tail grass and earrings


I previously gave my husband an ADEXE THEY watch (you can see that style here) and he loves it. I mentioned in the other post about how fussy my husband is when it comes to watches, plus he used to work in a jewellers making watches so he’s very particular about them. He has nothing but good things to say about the quality of ADEXE watches. So if he’s impressed (which he very rarely is) ADEXE watches must be pretty good.

If you are going to treat yourself or someone else to a beautiful ADEXE watch this Christmas (ADEXE have lots of gorgeous styles here for you to peruse) I have a 15% discount code AYELINED15 for you to use. I genuinely love ADEXE watches and I think Meek Grande is my favourite one yet. It feels very me. And if you do buy an ADEXE watch I would *love* to know which one you get!


Are you an old romantic like me when it comes to watches/jewellery?


(ADEXE Meek Grande was gifted to me in exchange for review, but all rambling thoughts definitely my own).




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