The Gender-Neutral Watch from Adexe

adexe they watch, gender neutral watches for everyone

This is my second Adexe watch*. When Adexe asked me if I’d love to work with them again I of course said yes. My first watch was the much more feminine Sistine Petite in Rose Gold but this time I selected a watch to give to my husband for our six year wedding anniversary.

Like I said in my previous post I love the idea of a watch as a memento. I like the idea of a timepiece marking time. That’s a nice, circular metaphor.


My husband loves this watch and he’s very picky with watches. He previously worked as a jewellery and watch maker. This makes him a very fussy customer, but he’s impressed with how THEY is built. My husband is not easily impressed. Whereas I just think it’s beautiful and classy.

close up of adexe they watch, the gender neutral watch


One of the things I like about the THEY watch that chose for my husband is that I can wear it too. What’s his is mine and all that. Adexe describe why they chose THEY as the name:


“Since the middle ages, THEY has been a non-gender specific pronoun.

The multifunctional collection is designed for those independent to convention and free from conformity. The elegance of the sub-dial placement and contrasting trims radiate versatility.”


I like that, a lot. And it really is a beautiful watch for anybody. It’s sophisticated, sleek and beautifully crafted. My gran used to have an old weather barometer in her hallway (or lobby depending where you’re from) and I was fascinated with all the dials and information. I still love them, I actually have one in my lobby now. I similarly love the face of THEY, it has sub-dials for seconds, day and date. I’m pretty sure a pilot from the 1920s would wear something similar.

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adexe watch THEY, a gender neutral style for everyone.


Now if feeling like a 1920s pilot isn’t your thing (but why wouldn’t it be?) there’s an amazing selection of watches to choose from. I still regularly wear my Sistine Petite which I got almost a year ago now and it still looks brand new. I genuinely love this brand. You can buy a quality watch, that’s beautifully designed for a reasonable price. You can have a look at the Adexe range here.


Adexe watches, beautifully crafted watches that make perfect gifts especially for anniversary


What’s your favourite item for a special keepsake?






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  1. September 17, 2018 / 10:08 am

    Hi Trona! Thank you so much for the blog post! We love your photos, they are so pretty! So happy that your husband love the watch! The great thing with its minimalism and gender neutrality is that you can steal it from him and he can steal it from you! ADEXE team <3

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