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lisa riley be radiant skin care range at ideal word tv review


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I’ll be honest when I think of skincare Lisa Riley isn’t a name that would pop into my head. Lisa is better known as an actor and TV presenter. And also because of her extraordinary weight-loss journey. In the spirit of exploration I kept an open-mind when trying out Lisa’s new Be Radiant skincare range, which is exclusively available at Ideal World TV. (I’ve previously tried Elizabeth Grant skincare from Ideal World TV and I have a couple of items coming up on the blog soon.)

Lisa has developed the 5-piece skincare range to fit in with her own and our busy lifestyles. The Be Radiant capsule skincare collection is simple to follow yet contains powerful ingredients for excellent results. One of the ingredients that’s in all of the products make this little collection stand out from the rest is something called Gransil Blur X60. Gransil Blur X60 provides instant blurring and soft focus effects on the skin. This means you’ll see an instant improvement on how your skin looks, as well as the longer term benefits of the other ingredients in the range. And those other ingredients include Ruby Extract; Lisa has chosen this not only because it instantly provides radiance to the skin as well as providing lots of skin conditioning ingredients but it is also Lisa’s birth stone. Luxury brands such as Omorovicza love Ruby extract as an ingredient in their skincare but Lisa’s range is a fraction of the price while still feeling luxurious. Let’s have a look at the individual products.


lisa riley be radiant skin care day cream at ideal word tv review


Be Radiant Radiance Day Cream* is a brilliant day cream that I think those with a troubling t-zone would especially enjoy. The cream is light, quickly absorbed and provides a nice hit of hydration. It also helps to mattify the skin making it excellent as a primer too. Like all the products in the range Be Radiant Radiance Day Cream contains Ruby extract to instantly brighten and Gransil Blur X60 to blur imperfections. Other ingredients are Bio-Marine Elastin, a source of peptides and amino acids that help to improve elasticity and overall skin condition. The anti-oxidants Vitamin C & E help to defend against free radical damage and nourish the skin. And Seaweed Extract, a rich source of vitamins and minerals that leave the skin smooth, soft and hydrated. My skin feels comfortable all day with this cream and thankfully it leaves no tacky residue, just a nice smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup. It also brightens and evens skin tone out so perfect for this no makeup days too.

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lisa riley be radiant skin care restoring night cream at ideal word tv review


Be Radiant Restoring Night Cream* is a rich night cream aimed at plumping and revitalising your skin, giving a well-rested look to the skin in the morning. While this is rich it absorbs nicely and remains on top of your skin throughout the night, which acts like a nice hydrating blanket. Be Radiant Restoring Night Cream feels incredibly nourishing and luxurious, and despite only using it for just over a week my skin feels so much smoother and softer in the morning. I think all skin types would enjoy this, it hasn’t made my oily t-zone worse (which some rich night creams can do) nor has it irritated my sensitive skin or blocked any pores. It includes all the ingredients listed above in the day cream but also has Irish Moss including. This ingredient helps tackle dryness and deeply moisturise the skin. A great all rounder, and it’s packed with skin loving ingredients meaning the need for targeted treatments such as serum is reduced.


lisa riley be radiant skin care neck and decollete cream at ideal word tv review


Next is Be Radiant Rejuvenating Neck & Decollete Cream*. I actually didn’t use anything like this in my previous skincare routine, I just usually bring my day or night moisturiser down my neck. I was interested to see if this had any specific effects and I have to say it does make an instant difference so I shall be keeping it in my routine now! Be Radiant Rejuvenating Neck & Decollete Cream contains Gransil Blur X60®, Ruby Extract, Bio-Marine Elastin and also Aloe Vera. The inclusion of Aloe Vera in this targeted cream helps to soften the neck and chest area as well as cool and soothe. I’ve noticed immediate effects on my chest area, my skin is so much smoother and refined. I also like how cooling it feels, older ladies will know what I’m talking about.

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lisa riley be radiant skin care refining microdermabrasion cream, amazing gentle but powerful glycolic microdermabrasion for brightening and exfoliating even sensitive skin


Be Radiant Refining Microdermabrasion Cream* I think is my favourite product of them all. Again the cream contains Ruby Extract to promote radiance and overall skin condition, and also includes Glycolic Acid which gentle removes the dead skin revealing brighter, refined skin while also improving firmness. Some glycolic products can be too harsh for my skin but Be Radiant Refining Microdermabrasion Cream has been a real delight to use. The exfoliation is gentle but gives amazing results immediately, my skin looks refined, brighter and super-smooth. A genuinely brilliant skincare product.


lisa riley be radiant skin care revitalising eye serum-great eye serum for even sensitive eyes, blurs fine eyes and helps under eye discolouration over time.


And finally the Be Radiant Revitalising Eye Serum*. The light, easily absorbed eye serum contains Gransil Blur X60®, Ruby Extract, Bio-Marine Elastin, Vitamin C & E, and Seaweed Extract – this mix helps to soothe tired eyes, blur fine lines and help promote even skin tone. What I like about this eye serum is that it quickly absorbs and doesn’t irritate. It’s a soothing eye serum which is especially nice for a glasses wearers like myself. It’s particularly nice kept cool in the fridge, similarly with the neck cream. This gives an extra hit of cool niceness.


I shared my love for the Be Radiant Microdermabrasion cream on my Instagram and rather unexpectedly Lisa messaged me back. Her passion about her skincare range is very clear and she said that she took many attempts at getting all the products exactly right. The range feels authentic and has carefully been thought out to include all the best and powerful ingredients to target skin concerns. I am genuinely really impressed with it and I think you should give it a go to. If you don’t like it you have a 14 day money back guarantee, which should give you plenty of time to see if it is for you or not. The full collection is currently on offer or you can buy each product individually. For more info please visit here.

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lisa riley ideal word tv clothing range


Not only does Lisa Riley have a new skincare range but she also has her own clothing line too! I’m kind of impressed on how she manages to fit it all in. The clothing line is called Just Be You and I am totally here for that sentiment. The top I have is described as chiffon hem tunic and it comes in a range of colours. I have the cream which goes with pretty much all my clothes. I like that the tunic can also be worn tucked in (or at least that’s how I like to wear it) or worn as a longer draped top. The airy fabric makes this perfect for the spring/summer months. You can have a look here at the rest of her easy-to-wear clothing range.


Oh that turned out a bit mammoth! So if that was tldr I essentially said the Be Radiant range is a lovely surprise. All of the products work brilliantly and without any irritation, and the microdermabrasion is probably my most favourite product. I’ve only been using all the skincare for just over a week so I will update in around 6-8 weeks as I will continue to use this wonderful range. If you want to give it a try Ideal World TV also have a guaranteed 14 day money back, so if it isn’t for you you’ll still be fully refunded. So that’s worth a shot! More info and to buy here.


Do you like the sound of any of the Be Radiant range?


(*This is a sponsored post but all of my very long rambling thoughts my own)



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