Why You Should Be Using Tailwind for Pinterest


Back in October I wrote a blog post about why you should definitely be using Pinterest for your blog and/or your small business. I’m completely hooked on the platform and I use it pretty much everyday for a whole range of reasons.

Not only is Pinterest a source for personal inspiration such as outfit ideas or a DIY project; sharing on Pinterest lets others get a feel for your own personal taste. I use Pinterest as an extension of my blog, like one big visual catalogue of things I like.

Pinterest is a slow burner but give it time and you will reap the rewards (well, you’ll get some traffic to your site and some awesome outfit ideas, if that’s your thing or maybe make a bed out of crates- which is definitely my kind of thing btw).  There’s millions and millions of users on Pinterest, currently 175 million monthly active users. (Oh and interestingly 40% of new sign-ups are men). So share your content on Pinterest! And if this doesn’t convince you, especially if you’re a small business, I don’t know what will:


“93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.”


Now that I’ve got used to Pinterest and its algorithm(s) -which I actually like- I’ve started to use Tailwind to pin content throughout the day. I first heard of Tailwind thanks to Lex’s post here. If you’re new to Pinterest or just don’t really understand the platform I’d recommend using it for a while before you start with a scheduling tool, it’ll help you get to grips with Pinterest a bit better. It’s also worth repeating again that Pinterest isn’t another social media platform; rather it’s a super-pumped visual search engine, like Google images but so much better. When you get your head around it being a search engine you can better ‘optimise’ your pins and profile. I should say I’m still working on this so I’ll probably do an update later but I do talk about it briefly below.

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When you’re running a blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc etc etc it can all get a little bit overwhelming so Tailwind really does help take a load off. I also like that you can have a better overview of what you want to pin, so if I feel I’m pinning too much of the same kind of content together I can tell Tailwind to shuffle my schedule.  If you look back to my previous post you can see my stats when I started using Pinterest and you can see them currently below:





using tailwind for pinterest

using tailwind for pinterest

using tailwind for pinterest



I definitely have Tailwind to thank for my growing views and traffic back to my site. My views started dropping off a bit when I wasn’t pinning everyday. So if I’m having a bad day due to health or life getting in the way I know Tailwind is pinning a way for me. I know many of you work as well as blog so if you’re looking for a way to get traffic up in your site maybe Tailwind is something to look into. It does take time to set your schedule up, but since I love looking through Pinterest and the Internet for all kinds of things anyway it doesn’t bother me. So do pin what you love; my most popular boards are my Style/Fashion board, Hair board and Beauty, Bath and Skin Care board. Which is super handy both because I often look at these things on the Internet and also I can pin a lot of my own content onto these boards. While I do have a board for my own blog don’t just use that for pinning your own content, you want your content to be linked with other pins. This lets Pinterest’s algorithms recognise your content easier and if it’s good quality it’ll push it. I often see my pins in the trending pages and this is in large to do with it being pinned in the right place and not being excluded from other relevant pins.

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using tailwind for pinterest

But don’t be spammy. There’s all different kinds of ratios out there for you to follow: post 80% others and 20% yours for example. I recommend playing about and seeing what you feel comfortable with. I genuinely couldn’t tell you how much I pin of my own stuff, but I don’t think it’s very much. I do have issues promoting my own content! When I find out what works best for me I’ll update again. But just don’t post all your own content. Not only does it not look good it also doesn’t give potential followers a feel for you. While Pinterest is a search engine it is still nice to be able to follow people who will inspire you and mostly those people don’t just post their own content, well unless they’re Vogue or something.


Which leads me to my final point. It really doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Pinterest. Yes, it looks good if you have thousands and thousands but if your pins aren’t SEO friendly (eg. they’re not easily found) you won’t get the traffic back to your site. And that is the ultimate aim here. So ideally you want to make your pins and boards SEO friendly, which simply means letting people find you. The easiest way of thinking about this is how do you search for things? Say I want a good long-wearing red lipstick I’ll enter “best long wearing red lipstick” into the search box this will give me all the results I need. That’s the kind of thing you want to add to your pin, or even better the pin description could be something like “the best long wearing red I’ve tried, lasts all day while still feeling moisturising and the pigment is amazing”. A nice, keyword organic description like this is good for SEO and should get your pins found. I don’t always do this and it’s definitely an area I’m working on. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

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You obviously don’t have to use a scheduling tool for Pinterest but I do find it makes my life easier. If you’re thinking about giving a try I have a referral link (click here). You’ll get $15 which equates to a free month (I also get $15)  Oh and also Pinterest is perfectly happy with you using Tailwind, I know some other sites ( looks at Instagram) aren’t too friendly with this kind of thing but Pinterest is fine with it.

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Are you a fan of Pinterest? Or do you struggle with it?




    • trona
      February 6, 2018 / 1:53 pm

      are you pinning a lot of your own content? Post more! Make new images etc if you feel you;re using the same ones too much. But yeah, I really love Tailwind, it takes a load off.

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