The Gift of Time with Adexe Watches (with 15% off Code)

photo of adexe sistine petite rose gold watch

I’m going to ask you the most asked question at this time of year, are you ready for Christmas? I kind of am. Since having my boy Christmas is now much more focussed on him and this year has been really exciting already. My son is 3 year’s old (almost 4) so that is a prime age for all the Christmas magic. I’ve always loved Christmas, although there was a time when I was so ill that I dreaded it so I am fully aware that this can be an incredibly difficult time for some people. Charities like The Samaritans are there if you need some outside support and if you wish to donate to them you can do here. I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am now and appreciate this bit of downtime with family.

close up photo of adexe sistine petite rose gold watch

One thing I have cut back on over the years are gifts. Having a child is a huge drain on finances and toys are not cheap. So I was really happy when Adexe Watches contacted me to be part of their #giftoftime campaign. I love a watch, I think they make perfect presents especially when personalised. When I graduated from the Open University with my Masters degree my parents bought me a beautiful Mondaine watch. A watch makes a brilliant keepsake. My husband has his grandfather’s watch and it’s one of his most treasured possessions. Not only do watches tell the time they encapsulate a time and place, a little bit of someone’s history that can be passed down through the generations.

close up photo of adexe sistine petite rose gold watch


I have the beautiful Adexe Sistine Petite in rose gold* (surely the perfect finish for us bloggers?). Adexe say of their brand:

“ADEXE, the non-conformist brand, just like you, differentiates itself from the mass-produced competitors, by offering traditional quality and luxury, but invoking contemporary minimalism. Vertically integrated under one roof, we adhere to one mission: “Create Finely Crafted, Uniquely Appointed Timepieces at Affordable Prices”.

ADEXE is the renaissance in watchmaking, representing a rebirth of an age-old tradition. The bespoke workmanship and commitment of ADEXE speaks of a forgotten craft, all the while, updating the traditional styles for the twenty-first century. ADEXE is a brand that embodies the true British style and spirit, “We Know How to Make Watches that Last”.


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I like this sentiment. There’s a beautiful craftsmanship to watchmaking and I am so pleased to see companies embracing this. I think this makes a timepiece more special, more unique. If you want to find out more about Adexe and the transparent journey the watches make please have a look here.

I am really impressed with the quality of my Adexe watch, the stainless steel is delicate yet feels robust. The minimalist design is sleek but looks flash AF. If the Adexe Sistine doesn’t take your fancy there’s a whole host of stunning watches to select from or they have amazing Christmas Gift sets here which pretty much has you covered. If you are considering one of these watches I have a code for 15% offGIFTOFTIME15. I really do think an Adexe watch both with their ethos and selection of watches would make a really special present for someone or you could treat yourself, it’s been a tough year!


So, are you ready for Christmas or are you a last minute panic shopper?


*PR Sample.



  1. December 5, 2017 / 12:58 pm

    This watch is just so pretty, in fact after browsing the site they’re all quite lovely! I’ll be adding these to my wishlist x
    Also, as always, your photography is perfection xx

    • trona
      December 5, 2017 / 2:52 pm

      thank you! Yeah they have a great selection, their men’s watches are really nice too!

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