The Favourites: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

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Following on from Bobbi Brown’s corrector is a concealer at the opposite
end of the price range, it’s the amazing Collection Lasting Perfection
Concealer. At only £4.19 it really is a bargain. As you can see from my
photo this has been used a lot.
I don’t use this product
near the eye area as I find it too drying  and it settles into creases.
But as a spot or redness concealer it’s brilliant. Lasting Perfection
is an opaque, full coverage concealer with a creamy consistency that
sets relatively quickly, and lasts well throughout the day. This product
gets a lot of stick for being cakey but if you build it up slowly and
pat it out it conceals perfectly without caking. But if you have dry
skin I’d make sure the area(s) you’re concealing is well moisturised
before application.
I use the lightest shade, fair, which rather
handily matches my foundation. Unfortunately the colour selection isn’t
brilliant, there’s only 4 shades send that’s not nearly enough.
What do you think of this concealer? What’s YOUR favourite concealer?

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