The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in Brunette/Brown 02

I recently took advantage of The Body Shop’s sale so I bought a few
products new to me but all of which have good reputations- vitamin c microdermabrasion, all-in-one face base, camomile cleansing butter, and this eyebrow kit.
I have the shade brunette/ brown which matches my brows almost
perfectly. I’m so lazy when it comes to my eyebrows, actually that’s
probably true of my whole beauty routine, I like something quick and
easy to use while providing good results,and becoming a new mum recently
has made this even more true. On days when I do take that wee bit extra
time to do my brows I’ve really been enjoying this product. I’ve been
using the niftily designed brush to apply the soft powder to fill in and
define my brows. 

The powder is long wearing, I found it lasted
all day. It’s practically foolproof. If too much powder is applied it’s
easy to correct. This is definitely for those that like more natural
looking brows but it can be built up for a more power-brow. You only
need a small amount of product so this will lad for ages making it well
worth £10, I bought it for £6 though. The Body Shop seem to have lots of
offers on lately so it’d be worth picking it up when another discount
comes along.

Links: The Body Shop

Have you tried this? What are your favourite brow products? 

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