Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle (Lipstick Week Tag)

The very lovely Claire from Aucuparia Brumalis tagged me with lipstick week tag. Claire chose The Reds for her week, I’m going with The Bold Yins (aka the bold ones). Claire finished with her true red and I’ll begin with mine, Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle. I think this might be the truest red I own. It’s not too blue or too warm on my lips, it really does seem to run true. 

Formula wise it’s not the longest lasting lipstick but it is creamy, hydrating and very pigmented. And well, that colour is just gorgeous. A proper old Hollywood red, it’s beautiful.  I was going to wear this for my wedding but due to its wear time it didn’t make the cut. I did wear Illamasqua’s Drench, which will appear in tomorrow’s lipstick week tag ( well, maybe tomorrow! Definitely soon).

Gabrielle is available from Debenhams etc for £24 

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