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Moroccana Argan Oil- The New Skin Care Company to Try

Moroccana Argan Oil

I’m really excited to share these products with you today. Moroccana is a fledgling company from the UK but they source all their product materials from Morocco. The main ingredient in Moroccana is the amazingly moisturising Argan oil. The Argan oil used by Moroccana is 100% organic and is rich in Vitamin E and Omega fatty oils. 

Argan oil is a bit of an all-round wonder product. You can liken it to coconut oil in this sense. It can be used on skin, hair, nails and you can also get a culinary Argan oil to add to your food. It acts as a brilliant moisturiser and has anti-ageing properties. It’s also great for deep-conditioning and de-frizzing hair. 

Moroccana Argan Oil is cold pressed and certified organic and the fruit from which it is made is harvested and processed by hand by the Berber women of South-Western Morocco where the Argan tree (argania spinosa) grows. It takes 30kg of fruit and 15 hours of work to produce just one litre of Argan oil.  The seed of the fruit is extracted by hand and cold pressed to produce the wonderful Moroccan 'Liquid Gold'.”  (From the Moroccana site) 

Moroccana Argan Oil

I have a selection of products to share with you. First up is Moroccana argan oil*. This is pure argan oil with absolutely no other ingredients. It comes in a no-frills eco packaging with a handy spray pump. One or two sprays is all you need to get excellent coverage with deep moisturisation. This has a slightly nutty scent to it that vanishes on the skin. An excellent all-round product that I’ve been using on my body, hair and face. It sinks in reasonably quickly leaving the skin (and hair) feeling very soft and moisturised. I also really like that it has a spray pump. Lots of oils can get a bit messy but I found helps to stop getting oil everywhere, or maybe that’s just me.

Moroccana Argan Oil WITH LAVENDER

Moroccana argan oil lavender*: . Moroccana argan oil also comes in a range of scents such as lavender oil which makes it a little bit more special in my opinion. This is a blended Argan oil with with apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil and fragranced with Lavender essential oil. It smells divine. This is especially nice to use in the evening after a bath or shower. It feels relaxing and can also be used as a massage oil. Again this is deeply moisturising oil that I’ve enjoyed incorporating into my evening routine.

Moroccana Argan Oil roller ball

Moroccana orange blossom argan oil roller ball*: Moroccana argan oil also comes in handy roller balls which is excellent for targeted treatment such as cuticles or dry patches of skin. I have the orange blossom (or neroli) scented roller ball and again it smells glorious, I actually can’t stop smelling it. It’s not strong though, just a gentle floral scent that softens on the skin. The roller ball is ideal for popping in your bag and using to touch up throughout the day. Moroccana also say that it can be used as a lip oil. It is really moisturising on the lips but I’m not so keen on the orange blossom on my lips, I think I’d prefer the plain argan oil. 

Moroccana Argan Oil lip balm verbena

Moroccana verbena lip balm*: At the risk of repeating myself this smells AMAZING!!! It’s verbena which (if you don’t know, I didn’t) is lemon oil. It smells like beautiful lemony sherbet. It also comes in another three fragrances (all the fragrances are natural btw); grapefruit, orange blossom, and rose. The lip balm is made from 50% Pure Organic Argan Oil, shea butter, beeswax and essential oil of Spanish verbena. I’m pleased to say this is an amazing lip balm, if you find some lip balms aren’t quite moisturising enough for you I’d highly recommend giving this a go. It’s deeply moisturising and soothing and only a tiny bit is needed. Oh and the smell is beautiful, which brings me to the next amazing product...

Moroccana Argan Oil verbena lip scrub

Moroccana verbena lip scrub* :This product is amazing and delicious, thankfully it is fully edible. It tastes like sugary-lemon thanks to the castor sugar and natural lemon flavouring, and of course argan oil. This is a brilliant lip exfoliator. It clears away any dry, peeling skin on the lips effortlessly and leaves beautifully soft lips. There’s a verbena (and other flavours) lip care set that I’d really recommend giving a try. The lip scrub is a wonderful product and when I’m finished this one I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about any of these products. The packaging is basic but they contain such lovely, high quality ingredients I wouldn’t let how they look sway you. There’s also other products available such a bath bombs (I can't wait to try) and body scrubs. This small, fledgling brand, that don't test on animals, is definitely worth a look. I’m very impressed so far!

Anything particularly caught your eye?

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