Thursday, 31 December 2015

Topshop Sale Picks


I don’t know about you but I’ve not been overly impressed with the sales this year. I did buy an amazing leather backpack from ASOS you can see it in the photo below. Backpacks have been one of my favourite things this year. They’re so easy to carry especially with a toddler and you can pack all your necessities in them. This one from ASOS is a bit smaller than the standard backpack and it’s beautifully finished. One of my favourite purchases in a long time and it was reduced from £50 to £25. 

leather backpack

Other than that I’ve barely bought anything in the sales (oh apart from an Illamasqua blusher duo, I just remembered! It was a proper bargain) but I do have my eye on a few things from Topshop. 

The stripe top is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, it’s the kind of top I’d have for a long time and would go with lots of different outfits. I already have lots of white shirts but I do love this double pocket shirt, shirts are pretty much my standard attire so another one wouldn’t go amiss. I like the look of the pinstripe shirt, it just looks a bit different. I love Topshop’s makeup and I also love a good multitasking product so this lip and cheek smudge is very much up my street.

Topshop are great at doing tops that look good dressed up or down and this tuck drape blouse would live happily in my wardrobe for a very long time. Similarly with the black tie wrap blouse, it just looks like a good wardrobe staple. I love the jacket by Religion it’d definitely look good with a white shirt and the grey jeans. There were a few other things that I liked but these are possible purchases.

Have you done much sale shopping?



  1. I'm really into jeans and blouse/shirt combos atm so these look right up my street. I actually went shopping today and bought two shirts but didn't make it into Topshop as I ran out of time and had to go pick my boyfriend up. Might need a trip back.

    The thing is because my work has a smart dress code so I've worn two of my faves already this week and then I fall into classing them as work clothes and not getting any other use out of them. :( xx

  2. LOL that last sentence doesn't make much sense, I was typing through the rage of wasting good shirts on work haha! x

    1. ha yeah i feel you. ASOS and H&M are also do great shirts/ blouses, I have *loads* from H&M x


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