Monday, 14 September 2015


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Face masks are one of my favourite beauty products. They can instantly boost the look of your skin and help in a bit of relaxation at home so when I saw the new Masque Bar sheet face masks in Boots I had to give them a go. I chose the Green Tea Sheet Mask, which is supposed to help minimise the appearance of dark spots and other pigmentation. If you don’t fancy this one there’s a selection to choose from such as Pore Refining, Brightening, Anti-Wrinkle, and Anti-Blemish

There’s 3 masks in the pack and each are soaked with product. I found the mask to be really refreshing on the face, and I didn’t experience any reaction to it either. It has a gentle scent. I did find it a bit tricky to unravel though but it never ripped despite me giving it a good pull. The mask itself fits nicely across the face and it stays in place. 

You’re supposed to keep this mask on for 30 minutes which is great if you have the time and it also allows for a good amount of relaxation. After the time was up I rubbed the remainder of the product into my skin before rinsing off. My skin looked brighter but I haven’t noticed any long term effects on my pigmentation, but I wasn’t really expecting to. I like this mask and I’d probably repurchase again and also try out the others available. 

Have you tried out anything from the Korean brand Masque Bar?


Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask


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