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Merry Christmas!


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Sophie La Girafe Bubble Bath

sophie la girafe bubble bath


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Sleek Creme to Powder Blush in Amaryllis

raspberry creme to powder blusher


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Christmas Gift Guide: Independent Jewellery, Accessories and Art


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MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation


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ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Vol 2

ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Vol 2

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Lightstim for Wrinkles Review

lightstim for wrinkles a non-invasive antiageing treatment

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Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

lush lemony flutter cuticle butter review

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Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum Review

merumaya iconic youth serum perfect for sensitive skin

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The Body Shop Christmas Gifts


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The Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Blend Beard Oil

beard oil for softening conditioning beards

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How to Spot Fake Followers

beauty blog


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beauty blog

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Nanokeratin System Shampoo and Mask for Coloured Hair


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Lacura Caviar Illumination 7 Days Intensive Treatment


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Histoires de Parfums

beauty fragrance


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H&M's New Makeup Range


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Stranger London Hexagonal Earrings


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Some MAC Purchases



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The Body Shop Oils of Life Range

the body shop

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SuperFacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C Brightening Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

superfacialist vitamin c cleanser

SuperFacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C Brightening Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (takes a breath) is a product I’ve come round to. I initially tried this a couple of months ago and wasn’t really bowled over by it but I ran out of my beloved Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm and wanted to use up some other products so I returned to this. And this time I’m pleasantly surprised by it. 

This lightweight cleansing oil contains Sunflower seed oil, Olive oil, Grape seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, Sweet orange oil, Passionflower oil, Rosehip oil. Basically ALL the oils. Unfortunately it contains fragrance. Now this doesn’t seem to bother my skin and I don’t find the smell particularly unpleasant (it’s an orangey smell) I’m just not sure there’s any need for it. That aside it feels very nourishing when using it. When water is added it turns milky and is easily removed from the face (I always use flannels). It doesn’t leave any residue and removes all my makeup. I sometimes double-cleanse though with this because I don’t think it does as good a job as Clinique’s balm. In fact, it’s recommended you double cleanse with this product but it’s only necessary if you’re wearing heavy makeup, I think.

The Vit C cleansing oil doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling tight, it just feels thoroughly cleansed and soft. If you have oily skin don’t be put off of using cleansing oils or balms. They do a great job at deeply cleansing without harming the skins barrier and this can help in regulating oil production. Skin being harshly stripped of its natural oil will overcompensate and actually cause more oil production. So gentle is the way to go.

When it comes to retexturising the skin with this product I can’t say I have noticed any significant changes and I have quite an uneven skin tone. Despite this I think this is a good cleanser, especially for your morning cleanse as it does seem to perk skin up best then for me. All skin types I think would benefit from this although really sensitive might be wary due to the fragrance.

Have you tried any products from this range?


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Currently Reading and To-Reads

Recently I've found some time to read again. I have a few minutes here and there but most of my time is taken up with my whirlwind of a 19 month old boy. So at night, when he’s fallen asleep I read on my Kindle app on my phone. We co-sleep so it almost feels like I'm a teenager again, reading Stephen King books or Dean Koontz in the dark with just a flicker of light to see. I do miss holding a real book though and book covers have some of the most beautiful art. I’ve been trying to read 2 books a month and it’s going not too bad, the main problem I have is finding something that holds my interest. I’m often very fatigued in the evening so I need something that isn’t too challenging but still requires a bit of thinking. My current genre of choice is Psychological Thrillers, I always seem to read them in the Summer. I’m currently reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. I chanced upon it while in Waterstone’s and it seemed the perfect Summer read. I’m not too far into it but parts remind me of American Psycho: the sneering cynicism, and the pretence of being someone you’re not. I’ll do a proper review once I’m done but I’m hopeful so far. 

I have read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkin.I really enjoyed it. It’s told from the perspective of several different people, none of which are entirely likeable or dependable narrators. I liked the pace of the book and it held a good amount of suspense: a good Summer read.  My to read “pile” contains Under Your Skin by Sabine Durran,  Human Remains by Elizabeth Haynes,  and In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.

Have you got any recommendations for me?


Wednesday, 19 August 2015


beauty blog review

I’m a big fan of Boots Botanics range. I use several of their products regularly. The price range is very appealing and they’re often on offer so you can pick up some good quality skin care for a really affordable price. This is the first time I’ve used Botanics Protecting Day Cream but I have been using it for around 6 weeks now so I think that’s a decent amount of time to get acquainted with a skin care product. 

Reading reviews on the Boots site it seems this is a reformulated product. It certainly has a bit of scent something I guess the previous version didn’t have. This doesn’t bother me too much, it fades pretty quickly. However, I can’t put it near my eyes as it makes them water up so a separate eye cream is needed with this. 

The product itself is a light, creamy texture that absorbs easily and doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind on my sensitive/combination skin. It leaves a slight glow on the skin that gives an instant look of perkiness, which is good. It’s comparable to MAC’s Strobe cream but not as in your face. It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but unfortunately I haven’t seen any evidence of this. It contains provitamin A and “targeted hyaluronic acid technology to help boost collagen production” which is supposed to fight visible signs of ageing.  It also contains Ginkgo, a powerful antioxidant. And it has an SPF 15. Despite it not really living up to it’s claims for me, I like this day cream. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, it absorbs nicely and doesn’t exacerbate oiliness in my t-zone, and it leaves my skin soft and smooth for makeup application. Plus I bought it for something like £3.99 on offer.

Have you tried the Boots Botanic Range?


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Here we are half way through the year already, Christmas stuff will be hitting the shelves soon (sorry). There hasn't been much of a Summer here in Scotland so perhaps that's why both my favourite lip colours last month have definitely been Autumnal. I'm still a big fan of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and I've been wearing a lot of Grand-Cru. A beautiful burgundy shade that at times can be a bit patchy but when it works it's the most stunning colour. The Barbara Daly lipstick in Damson is quite similar in colour but a bit lighter and with a different finish. This is great if you have thin lips as it has boosting agents in it, I absolutely love this colour and I picked it up from Tesco for only a couple of pounds. 

The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite mascara is a sample I received with a purchase. It's brilliant! One of the best mascaras I've used. It's quite a wet mascara so it covers all your lashes easily, it dries down quickly without any clumping or mess and it doesn't budge. I'll be purchasing the full size. And finally, one of my long-standing favourites Illamasqua Katie blush. It's just the perfect light pink for pale skins that lasts all day. 

what's been your favourites recently?


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 

Estee Lauder Mascara 

Barbara Daly Lipstick 



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beauty blog

How would you cope if you suddenly became a double leg amputee? In Love and Justice* we follow the true story of Diana Morgan-Hill. It’s at times incredibly difficult to read. The details of the train accident are truly horrific and I found it doubly hard due to the car crash I had. If you’ve been through any traumatic event this book might bring up a lot of feelings. I recognised some of my own thoughts after the accident such as the feeling of being in an episode of ER and annoyed that they wanted to cut off my good clothes, I had just bought them! Having said this it’s also inspiring and at times funny, the type of gallows humour that people develop when they’re in bleak circumstances.  

Diana Morgan-Hill had a flourishing career ahead of her. She had just created her media PR business and was enjoying a full social and love life, if complicated at times. At the age of 29 she fell under a train and lost her legs but remarkably her life was saved. The actions of British Railway were abhorrent and I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like to deal with while trying to recover. British Railway took court action against Diana, adding further pain to injury. 

Diana Morgan-Hill touches on some really important issues for people with disabilities: do they lose their worth once disabled? do people still see people with disabilities as sexual beings? Her insights reveal the way society treats those with disabilities.

I hope Diana writes another book as I felt the last chapter was rushed. She writes of some of her charity work and her appearance on Dancing on Wheels, I would have loved to have read a bit more about this. Or maybe I just didn't want to leave Diana's world. She's a witty and warm writer, sharing her darkest hours with us and her brightest. The book is an inspiring read of how someone dealt with a horrific accident and found a way to rebuild her life.

For more information and the free first chapter please follow this link Blackbird Press.

You can purchase from Amazon

*I received this book for review.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

DISABILITY: Beauty Products I Use For A Boost


Firstly, you don't have to be disabled or long-term sick to enjoy these products, it's all inclusive here. I definitely have a little 'emergency-kit' of seemingly frivolous products that can help ease, in my case, chronic pain, reduced mobility, and all that goes with it such as fatigue.

FACE MASK- These are simple and easy ways to give myself a little bit of a pamper. I'm currently using REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask and REN One Minute Facial (full review of these coming soon) . The one minute one is perfect for a quick pick me up, especially in the morning while the Glycolactic is perfect for a longer treat, still only ten minutes though. I also like My 7th Heaven previously Montagne Jeunesse) especially Hot Spring Sauna, this is a great budget mask with excellent results and it feels lovely and relaxing due to it heating up.

BATH PRODUCT- I love baths, they're vital in helping ease pain and relaxation. I understand though that many have problems getting into baths but if you can I really recommend a good bath product that will help ease muscular pain and/or joint stiffness. Regardless of the disability, if it affects mobility you most probably have aching and painful joints too. I really love bath salts, I use a variety and I always find that they help easy aches and help relaxation. I'm also a big fan of Lush's bath bombs.


FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER- Ah the perfect base to help hide a multitude of ailments. This is entirely personal but I do like the fact that I can wear foundation and concealer to make ME feel better. I don't always want to see the toll my disability has on my skin when looking in the mirror. My current favourites are Estee Lauder's Double Wear and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

COMPLEXION BRIGHTENER- A good highlighter can really make a difference. One of my favourites is Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Tranquility, it feels and looks beautiful on the skin. A budget highlighter I currently love is Botanics Radiance Balm, an excellent dupe of MAC's Strobe. (Review coming soon)

RED LIPSTICK- Definitely one of my favourite beauty product for a variety of reasons. It's a strong look but also, more crucially, it can really brighten up the complexion when you're feeling ill/fatigued/run down. I have lots of favourites, too many to mention!

FACE OIL- A face oil suits almost all skin types and the rather lovely Trilogy Rosehip Oil is suitable for even the most sensitive. There's just something very luxurious and relaxing about applying an oil to your face in the evening. Trilogy's offering gives moisture while tackling wrinkles and caring for your skin.  It absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue.

NAIL POLISH- I go through phases of wearing nail polish, when I do choose to wear it I find the application can be meditative and therapeutic. I haven't worn nail polish on my toe nails for ages but since it's sandal season I decided to put red on both my finger and toe nails. Afterwards I felt all fancy. This may seem like such a small thing but it's small things like this that can really have a positive effect on your mood. It all matters. Then there's the actual application. Doing my toes is really quite hard, the damage to my spine means bending isn't easy and it's also painful. So actually being able to apply the nail polish is quite an achievement in itself.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm

beauty blog

Hello! Long time no blog. I’ve been having a bit of a break from blogging for numerous reasons but I was sent Dr Paw Paw* for review and I wanted to share this little beauty of a product with you. Dr. Paw Paw contains a host of skin loving ingredients such as fermented pawpaw (papaya) which is packed full of antioxidants,vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, to help aid in repairing the skin, as well as tightening and moisturising. It also contains olive oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for dry skin and hair. And also Aloe Leaf juice which helps to absorb and retain moisture.

Dr. Paw Paw is a great multi-purpose product which comes in a handy little tube perfect for popping in your bag. It’s a little difficult to squeeze out initially but the thick, clear balm easily spreads and dissipates on the skin. Dr. Paw Paw has lots of uses, I’ve been using it as a lip balm, taming and keeping my eyebrows in place, but the best thing I’ve found it for is my nails/cuticles. My cuticles have been in a bit of a state lately but after rubbing Dr Paw Paw in just the once they’ve improved dramatically, my nails also feel in much better condition.

Dr Paw Paw would also make a great barrier balm for babies’ bottoms as well as soothing nappy rash. It’s great on dry patches of skin and also helps aid the healing process of acne, bites etc. I’m really impressed with this little product. Definitely one to have at all times!

Have you tried Dr.Paw Paw?

For more info click visit Dr Paw Paw site

You can purchase it for £6.95 from Look Fantastic

Or if you want one with a bit of colour you can find it on Asos


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Topshop Nude Eyes in Stripped

beauty blog

beauty blog

beauty blog

If you read my last post (here) you’ll recognise this little pot from my wishlist. I found the idea of a nude, blendable, longwearing cream eyeshadow too tempting so I bought Topshop’s Nude Eyes in Stripped. First off, as you can see the pot is tiny, much more tiny that I thought it’d be but you do only seem to need a little product so I’m hoping it’ll last a reasonably long time. It’s described as a pinky-nude on the site but I’d say it has more peachy/apricot undertones. One application of this gives a subtle wash of colour but it’s easily built for more colour on the lid. I’ve been applying this with my fingers. The heat from fingers make it easier to blend out. This doesn’t crease and I don’t find it patchy or drying. It’s surprisingly longwearing and is also waterproof. Nude eyes would make a great base product and I reckon they’re not a bad dupe for MAC’s Paint Pots. 

There’s another 4 colours available and should suit most skin tones. It’s a great non-fuss eyeshadow that works great on its own, blended with other shadows/ or eyeliner, or a base product. It’d be great for holidays/ festivals due to it’s longevity. A really nice little product, despite there only being a small amount of it.

Are you a fan of Topshop’s makeup?



Thursday, 21 May 2015

Weekly Wishlist #2 The Topshop Edit

beauty fashion blog

Topshop is definitely one of my favourite high street shops. Quality can sometimes be a little lacking though and for the price of some items I’d like some better materials but overall it’s one of my favourite places to shop. They have a wide range of styles and trends (groan, I hate that word). First up is a white crossover blouse. I have a similar top I bought from them absolutely ages ago and it’s still going strong, perfect for a more dressed up day look; easy to wear and comfortable. I love this black kimono jacket, I’m sorely tempted to purchase it but I have far too many jackets already! I really love the colour of this Mustard Silk Cami, another item perfect for dressing up or down. You can’t go wrong with a good Grey Sweater and the lace details just add a little something extra to this one. I practically live in my Nikes but I love these Adidas Superstars, you can’t have too many trainers right? I rarely wear earrings to be honest but I love these Art-Deco-esque drop earrings.

I love Topshop’s makeup. It’s incredibly reasonably priced and generally good quality. The Nude Eyes look like a good dupe for MAC’s paint pots. And rather brilliantly they come in a selection of shades suited to most skin tones rather than the default light-skin tone. The Glow Dome in Intergalactic looks incredibly pretty, there’s other shades available too. Finally, is the Lipstick in Beguiled. This is part of their range celebrating 5 years in beauty. They’ve pimped up their most popular makeup, another one I think I’m going to buy.

What’s been catching your eye this week?

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Monday, 18 May 2015

MyChelle Hello Beautiful - Age Defence Collection

skin care beauty blog

beauty blog

beauty blog

MyChelle Pharmaceuticals is a relatively new brand to me. I’ve been interested in trying their products after reading a review of their Fruit Enzyme Mist by Sali Hughes in the Guardian. MyChelle “Hello Beautiful” collections are an ideal and an inexpensive way to try out their products. I bought the Age Defence box but there are others available such as Sensitive Collection link , Dry Collection link, All/Combination Collection link , Oily/Blemish Control Collection link or Age Spot/ UV recovery Collection link, so there should be something for everyone. 

In the Age Defence kit you get:

MyChelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser  7.5ml- I really enjoyed using this rich, creamy cleanser. I used it in the morning or for a first cleanse in the evening. This has a very strong cinnamon/pumpkin smell though so beware if you don’t like full on products. It leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed, soft and comfortable.

MyChelle Fruit Fiesta Peel 7.5ml- This is my favourite product of the box.  The very fruity (it actually contains pieces of fruit) peel contains 7% lactic acid to help boost collagen production which results in a plumper appearance of the skin. After use my skin is always smooth and much brighter looking. You only have this on for 1-3 minutes and it does tingle on the skin. For those of you with very sensitive skin I’d recommend a patch test. Even though this is powerful I experienced no irritation after use. A really excellent face mask/peel.

MyChelle G2 Firming Serum 5ml- This is another favourite. Everytime I use this I feel like I’m giving my skin a little boost. It smooths, plumps and firms. This might be a good product to try if you have sensitive skin that can’t handle some other stronger serums.

MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Mist 5ml - Unfortunately my little pump’s broken so I’m not getting a mist effect but this antioxidant rich “mist” (or liquid) helps maintain moisture levels and Vit C helps boost collagen and firmness. It feels refreshing and stimulating on the skin. Perfect for a pick-me-up throughout the day.

MyChelle Revitalising Night Cream 7.5ml - This is another good product. A very rich night cream that works to improve skin’s radiance and firmness. Again this is quite a strong smelling product, kind of like frankincense but I find the smell fades. The cream sinks in easily and leaves little residue. This would be a great cream for dry skins.

MyChelle Sun Shield Unscented - SPF 28 7.5ml -This was my least favourite product. It just felt too heavy on my skin but I have combination/ oily. It’d definitely be better for dry to normal skin types. On the couple of days we had some sun in Scotland it seemed to do its job well. I just don’t think it’s suited to my skin type.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this sample box. The amount of product you get gives you a good idea if you like them and if they suit your skin type. There’s a few products I’d buy full size of, particularly the Fruit Fiesta Peel, Fruit Enzyme Mist and G2 Firming Serum. 

Mychelle products are:
• Free from harsh chemicals - Parabens, Phthalates, Urea, Petroleum-based chemicals and artificial colours
• Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly and Gluten free
• Delivered in award-winning eco-packaging
• Responsibly produced

Have you tried MyChelle products?

You can get MyChelle Age Defence box for £16.10 (which I think is a great price) from Look Fantastic


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Weekly Wishlist #1

Hello! I'm hoping this will be a regular series. It's been a while since I've shared a wishlist on here and hopefully every week I'll share some things with you that have caught my attention from fashion, beauty, books, films, food etc etc, you get the idea. Hope you enjoy some of these things!

My first (regular) wishlist:

Palladium Lunor Rock Flex Trainers ,I've had my eye on these for quite a while. I love the look and the history of this brand. Does anyone have these? Are they comfortable?

How cute is this bow belt from River Island? Would look brilliant on an assortment of outfits.

I love clothing with unusual details so I love these Rainbow Jeans from Ragged Priest

I live in flat shoes and I'm always on the look out for ones that are a bit different, these shoes from ASOS are particularly good for those inbetween Summer days.

I love the colour and shape of this Duffle Bag from Asos and an excellent size too

And finally this brilliant necklace that states quite eloquently how I feel most days "I hate everything" from Me and Zena .

What's been catching your eye this week?

Asos are offering the following deals from  Wed 13th 8am – Fri 15th 8am. 

Spend and Save Codes: 

£10 off £75. Code: WHOOP10

£20 off £125 Code: WHOOP20

£30 off £150 Code: WHOOP30

Just follow this*link to Asos

T&C’s: Enter promo codes WHOOP10, WHOOP20 or WHOOP30 at check out to redeem. All codes expire on May 15th, 2015 at 8am BST. One use per person. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with another promo code. Valid on both full price and marked down items with total minimum spends of £75, £125 or £150 and max spend of £500. Excludes certain brands, delivery charges, subscription to ASOS Premier and gift vouchers. Where items are returned from orders made with this promo code which results in the total value of the order falling below the minimum spend you needed to spend means that the items that are kept by you will revert to full price and the refund you receive will be adjusted accordingly.

See full T&C’s here

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April Skin Care Favourites


Okay so I’m a wee bit late but better late than never, right? Life is just running away from me at the moment but when I can I’m taking a few moments out here and there to take some time for myself. And one of the best ways to have a mini pick-me-up is during the cleansing routine. All these products are fast acting apart from the Nuxe face mask, this is on for around 10 minutes- the longest taking product by far. Everything else works quick and incredibly efficiently. All are suited for sensitive skins, Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix may cause slight irritation though initially so go easy with it.

So, firstly is the Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute This is a lovely mask and very soothing on sensitive skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

I love Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser I got the sample size tub in a British Beauty Blogger box. This has an unusual oil in gel texture that’s perfect for the morning cleanse. It has a slight citrus-y scent to it. A pleasure to use.

This is my third purchase of Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads they really brighten up my skin and give a good exfoliation without being irritable.

I actually forgot I had Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant  I found them while rummaging through my bathroom cupboard. This gives a gentle exfoliation and leaves the skin super soft and brighter. I do this every other morning. 

And again Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Balm I absolutely love this cleanser. It’s so gentle yet deeply cleanses, it removes everything easily. 

What are your current skin care favourites?

Shop the post:

Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute link

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser link

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads link

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant link

Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Balm link


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Maybeauty The Incredible Face Mask (with 30% Discount Offer)

skin care

skin care

Face masks are one of my favourite beauty treatments. Good face masks offer a quick and easy way to perk up the skin with minimal effort. Brilliant. So when I was offered the chance to try Maybeauty The Incredible Face Mask I was excited to see what it could do. It claims to remove blackheads, acne, dead skin and oil, revealing cleansed smooth skin. The main ingredient is deep sea mud, a favourite of deep cleansing masks. What I like about this product is that it is a more holistic treatment for problem skin. With the package you receive a Skin Guide that offers ways to help improve skin including eating well. Skin care isn’t just a topical treatment, lifestyle choices also play a big role in how our skin looks and behaves. 

In the pack there’s a brush to apply the mask but I found it easier to apply with fingers. The mask itself is black with a viscose consistency and a light fragrance, nothing over powering or off putting. It disappears after application. The mask applies easily, it’s not runny and only a little bit messy. The recommended wear time is 30-45 minutes to let it dry fully. I had mine on roughly 40 mins. It’s comfortable to wear, no tingling or itchiness just a tightening as it nears the end time. Once it’s dried it peels off and warm water removes any excess product. This is where I ran into a bit of bother with the mask. I found removal to be a bit painful so I think this would be more suited to sturdier skin types. I have sensitive skin and my skin was slightly irritated after use. It's worth noting that in the instructions it does say avoid applying on eyebrows as the mask can remove facial hair. But having said this I like the effect of the mask. My skin definitely appears brighter and clearer. 

Maybeauty The Incredibly Face Mask is a good face mask but I don’t think it’s suited to my skin type. It deeply cleanses and leaves skin very smooth. I think more robust skin types would definitely benefit and enjoy this hardworking, intensive mask.

Oh and you can do your best Papa Lazarou impression.

Deep Sea Mud, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Glycerin, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Sodium Alganite, Ethyl Alcohol, Liquid Germall Plus, Distilled Water.

If you’re interested in trying this mask I have 30% discount following this link here


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bright Lips for Spring/Summer



beauty bright lips lipsticks swatches

Bright lipsticks are definitely my favourite type of lip colour. I don’t have many nudes, probably 2-3, but I have loads of brights or reds. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve truly embraced bright lip colours and there’s good reasons for this : they brighten up your complexion and make you feel ace. I have chronic pain and take medication, both things really takes its toll on my skin. I think the kindest way to describe my complexion is sallow. I’m also naturally very pale and a bright lip really helps to brighten everything up. I love how such a simple thing such as an amazing coloured lipstick can have an effect on your overall well-being.

Beside this it’s also really lovely to start wearing brighter colours after Winter slowly retreats. If you’re too scared to wear a bright lip colour but really want to I recommend picking a colour you really like and start wearing it as a light stain or mixing it with a lip balm and slowly building the pigment up.

In the line up above I have from left- to right:

Boots Stay Perfect in Gay Geranium (75) - A bold orange-red. This has been part of Boots No7 range since the 1950s. 

Revlon Super Lustrous in Fire and Ice (720)- A red with coral undertones (almost orangey). A perfect red for the Summer.

Rimmel Kate 110- This is a really vibrant matte coral. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew As You Want Victoria (360) This is such an interesting colour, a bright deep pink but with a gold hue to it. It’s one of my favourite colours and would look absolutely amazing on darker skin tones.

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish in 22- And another Rimmel! This is a bright, deep pink again, fuchsia-red I would say. A great budget lip colour. The only thing I don’t like about these lipsticks is the smell.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise 02- A beautiful raspberry shade. One of my favourites and really comes off as more expensive than it is.

Paul and Joe Full Pigment Lipstick in La Vie en Rose (305)- Definitely one of my favourite lipstick formulas. Long-lasting without drying the lips and packed full of beautiful colour. A vibrant light-toned fuchsia, very pretty. 

Are you a fan of a bright lip?


Friday, 27 March 2015

Nuxe Merveillance Correcting Cream

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Range is aimed at women over the age of 40. The skin care range targets and corrects ageing concerns such as wrinkles. One way it claims to do this is through the ingredient Daylily flower. Daylily is said to act on a protein in the skin altering the effects of ageing. Sounds all very lovely, but does it work?

First, here's a brief overview of my skin type first so you can compare with your own: I'm 38 with signs of ageing. I have "laughter lines" around my eyes but they're not deep. I have slight discolouration due to pregnancy. My skin is sensitive /combination and slightly dehydrated due to medication but Anne Semonin Tissue Serum (link) is helping hugely with that. I think that about covers it.

I've been using Nuxe Merveillance Correcting Cream for normal skin* for almost 2 weeks now and so far I really like it. My skin feels plumper, smoother and softer. The cream is white in appearance and is quite rich. It does have a scent, a flowery one but thankfully it disappears on the skin. Despite its richness it sinks in completely, leaving no oily residue which is perfect for makeup application. In some ways it reminds me of Clarins Flash Balm in that it perks the skin up instantly but the effects are longer lasting. 

I had several sachets of this to try but I will be purchasing the full size. It really suits my skin type and it actually seems to make a difference to the fine lines I have. They don't seem to be as noticeable. I think this cream would suit most skin types particularly older ones but younger ones should still find this a lovely moisturiser. There's also a version for dry skin types. As well as these day moisturisers there's a night cream and serum.

Have you tried this? Are you a fan of Nuxe?

*PR Sample but all thoughts my own.

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