Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Guerlain Rouge G in Madame Batifole

Hello there! My posts are getting even more sporadic now. I’m in my third trimester so that in itself is taking a bit of a toll. And I also have a cold, I’m being a brave soldier though. Anyway, Guerlain Rouge G in Madame Batifole was a birthday present, at £31 it’s a definite luxury buy. But look at it, it’s so pretty. Madame Batifole is part of Guerlain’s limited collection for Autumn. You can see the rest of the collection on the Escentual blog. I really love the look of the nail polish too, but well it’s £18.

Madame Batifole (isn’t that a great name? Inspired by the Parisian boutique at “68 Champs-Élysées” donchaknow) is a beautiful rich, jewel coloured fuchsia that leans towards the blue. I think it’d suit most skin tones though and would look amazing on dark skin. One swipe is fully opaque and as expected the formula is gorgeous. It’s moisturising and incredibly comfortable to wear. One swipe lasts ages on my lips. Like most Guerlain lip products it smells of violets, I don’t notice it on the lips though. If you’re looking for a treat you really can’t go wrong with a Guerlain lip product.

(When I’m feeling a bit better I’ll do an update with me wearing Madame Batifole, I bet you can’t wait).


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot

bobbi brown blusher in apricot

Argh this blush has gave me so much trouble trying to photograph it, I just can't seem to get a good swatch so hopefully my description of it will suffice! 

In the pan Bobbi Brown's Apricot blush looks like a very vibrant, rich pink, it applies much more softly and naturally though. Bobbi Brown’s site describes it as a bright apricot, I think it’s more of a pink with apricot undertones. If you want it brighter it’s easily built up. Apricot is really pigmented but sheer-ish, if you get what I mean. There’s no drop-out with this silky-smooth blush. I use Real Techniques blush brush to apply all my powder blush. It just picks up enough and blends it out beautifully. Highly recommended if you haven’t tried it.

Bobbi Brown blusher in Apricot gives a nice, healthy looking glow. Something I much need at the moment! I’ve applied this lightly to add a touch of colour. I really do love this blush. It’s straight forward to apply, it’s not powdery on the skin and it blends out beautifully. It also lasts all day on my combination skin, although my cheeks are a bit dry at the moment.

The colour selection is great, there's something for everyone.I have my eye on the new colour Berry, it's beautiful and perfect for the autumn/ winter months.

Bobbi Brown’s blushes cost £19 from Bobbi Brown, John Lewis etc. If you're looking for a good, quality cheaper alternative you can't go wrong with Sleek blushes

Have you tried these blushes? Any colour recommendations?


Monday, 7 October 2013

Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red

the perfect red lipstick from nars jungle red

I think I may have found my perfect red and it’s Nars Jungle Red. A pure red, it doesn’t lean too blue nor too warm on me. It’s perfect. It’s also semi-matte so while it gives a similar appearance to a matte lipstick it is much easier to apply and more comfortable to wear. 

Jungle Red is packed full of nourishing ingredients, it has orange peel oil, other assorted orange oils, rosewood oil, bergamot oil and flower oils. This gives it a herby smell akin to a lip treatment. The smell doesn’t bother me and it does disappear on application. I find Jungle Red quite moisturising but after a while it can turn drying, nothing major though and not uncomfortable either. I really love the formula of this lipstick. It applies easy, one coat gives full, opaque coverage. It also lasts pretty well on my lips and I’m always doing something with them.

Because Jungle Red is neither too warm or too cold, it’s just right (yeah a Goldie Locks reference for you), it should suit most skin tones; from the very lightest to darkest, yellow and pink. For reference I’m fair with pink undertones and it looks pure red on me.

I’m seriously impressed with this lipstick, it’s not the cheapest but I do think if you’re looking for a good lipstick it’s worth the price. I’ve already got my eye on Trans Europe Express and 413 BLKR.

Have you tried Nars semi-matte lipsticks? What do you think of them?

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